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Past Presidents

Peter Wong

Current CIBSE President 2017/18 - Peter Wong BSc, LLB, LLM, FCIBSE, FHKIE, FIET, Chartered Engineer, R.P.E (Ell, Bss)



CIBSE Past Presidents

John Gundy 1898
Walter Jones 1899
D M Nesbit 1900
W R Maguire 1901
J Nelson 1902
Sir Louis F Pearson 1903
J N O Palmer 1904
Geo Crispin 1905
W Nelson Haden 1906-07
A Basil Simpson 1908
Walter Yates 1909
C Ingham Haden 1910
Oliver M Ron 1911
Chas R Honiball 1912
J E Hartley 1913
K Gray 1914
H H Grundy 1915
S Naylor 1916-17
E Herring 1918-19
W W Nobbs 1920
Frank Biggin 1921
Arthur H Barker 1922
John Watson 1923
P M B Grenville 1924
Alcwyn A Jones 1925
Oswald Stott 1926
J L Musgrave 1927
S Booth Horrocks 1928
J Roger Preston 1929
E R Jones 1930
Sam Fox 1931
J W Cooling 1932
James Elliott 1933
R Comyn Ching 1934
W E Fretwell 1935
A B Potterton 1936
C R Allensby 1937
G Nelson Haden OBE 1938
R G Crittall 1939-43
Oscar Faber OBE 1944-45
E A Couzens 1946-47
L Copeland Watts 1948
H H Bruce 1949
R Duncan Wallace 1950
J W Stitson 1951
J R Kell CBE 1952
F R L White 1953
Walter Harding 1954
Veron C Hardy 1955
J Clifford Byles 1956
W Roy Cox 1957
C S K Benham OBE 1958
H C Jamieson 1959
LCC Rayner 1960
F M H Taylor 1961
J W L Beaven 1962
Richard Harrison CBE 1963
W B R Cross 1964-65
G A Rooley CBE 1966
J C Knight CBE 1967
Ian H Duff TD 1968
E G Brooks 1969
N S Billington OBE 1970
P L Martin CBE 1971
Sir Alan Pullinger 1972
Peter J Copeland-Watts 1973
K W Dale OBE TD 1974
J M Cooling OBE FEng 1975
A W Loten CBE CEng FCIBSE 1976
A L Longworth 1977
L G Hadley OBE CEng FCIBSE 1978
A M Marsden CEng FCIBSE 1979
David A Russell CEng FCIBSE 1980
Peter A Coles 1981
J H Gura CEng FCIBSE 1982
John Bolton CB 1983
Richard E Tully CEng Hon FCIBSE 1984
Jack A Torrance CEng Hon FCIBSE 1985
Eion Kenny CEng FCIBSE 1986
Hugh P Johnston CB FEng CEng Hon FCIBSE 1987
D L Thornley CEng FCIBSEE 1988
Colin Izzard CEng FCIBSE 1989
Derek S Gillingham CEng FCIBSE 1990
Tom Smith FEng CEng FCIBSE 1991
Brian Moss OBE CEng FCIBSE 1992
David Lush OBE CEng FCIBSE 1993
David Arnold FREng CEng FCIBSE 1994
Alec Moir CEng FCIBSE 1995
Jerome O'Hea OBE CEng FCIBSE 1996
Geoffrey Brundrett FCIBSE 1997
Ronald Kirkwood CEng FCIBSE 1998
James Fretwell CEng FCIBSE 1999
David Wood CEng FCIBSE 2000
Max Fordham OBE FREng CEng FCIBSE  2001
Doug Oughton FREng FCIBSE 2002
Terry Wyatt FCIBSE 2003
Graham Manly OBE CEng FCIBSE MInstR 2004
Donald Leeper OBE BSc(Hons) ARCS CEng FCIBSE FIMechE FRSA FConsE 2005
Eur Ing David Hughes CEng FCIBSE 2006
John Armstrong MPhil CEng FCIBSE MIMechE MBIFM 2007
Professor John Swaffield FRSE FCIBSE 2008
Mike Simpson BSc FREng CEng FCIBSE FSLL FILE FIET 2009
Rob Manning CEng FCIBSE 2010
Andy Ford CEng FCIBSE 2011
David Fisk CB FRAEng FCIBSE FRIBA (Hons) FIoP 2012
George Adams CEng FCIBSE 2013
Peter Kinsella CEng FCIBSE 2014
Nick Mead CEng FCIBSE 2015
John Field CEng FCIBSE MEI CMVP 2016