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Latest CIBSE Publications


Guide B0: Applications and Activities: HVAC Strategies for Common Building Types
The Guide focuses on how different types of building and different activities within buildings influence the choice of system. Unlike the other chapters, this chapter is not available in printed form, but can be downloaded from the CIBSE website.

Guide B1: Heating 2016
This document, which forms chapter 1 of CIBSE Guide B, deals with the selection, design, commissioning, operation and management of most types of heating systems in buildings. It deals specifically with nondomestic buildings though much of the contents will apply to domestic communal heating.

Guide B2: Ventilation and Ductwork 2016
Ventilation is the process by which fresh air is provided to occupants and concentrations of potentially harmful pollutants are diluted and removed from a space. It is also used to cool a space and as a mechanism to distribute thermally conditioned air for heating and cooling. 


Guide B3: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 2016
This document, which forms chapter 3 of CIBSE Guide B, describes requirements and provides guidance on system selection with respect to generic building systems and relates primarily to office air conditioning systems. 


Guide B4: Noise and Vibration Control for Building Services Systems 2016
This Guide provides guidance to building services engineers and others involved in the design of building services on the generation, prediction, assessment and control of noise and vibration from building services, so that designers may produce systems which meet acceptable noise limits.

Guide B: Combined Index to Chapters B1 to B4 2016
Each chapter has an individual index, but to facilitate cross-referencing, this combined index allows for navigation of topics across the complete Guide. Page references are indicated by a prefix defining the chapter, and a suffix referring to the page number. For instance, 1-22 represents chapter 1, page 22. 

Lighting Guide 14: Control of Electric Lighting NEW 2016 (SLL LG14)
This LG14 'Control of electric lighting' is the first edition of a wholly new SLL Lighting Guide. It sets out a logical approach for the professional designer to consider the consultation, design, specification, commissioning and handover of a lighting installation incorporating controls.

CP2 Surface Water Source Heat Pumps: Code of Practice for the UK - Harnessing Energy from the Sea, Rivers, Canals and Lakes (CIBSE, HPA & GSHPA) NEW 2016
This Code of Practice has been produced as a joint project between the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), the Heat Pump Association (HPA) and the Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA).

Lighting Guide 6: The Exterior Environment (SLL LG6, LG06) 2016
Since the last edition of this guide, in 1992, there has been a surge of interest in lighting the exterior environment – in particular, light pollution, energy use and long-term sustainability have become more pertinent than ever. In the 1990s, LEDs that could produce a functional amount of light were simply not available.

AM11 Building Performance Modelling 2015
The predecessor to this Applications Manual, Building Energy and Environment Modelling (BEEM) was first published in 1998. Much has happened over the last two decades in the modelling fields, including computer power and software advances but, more significantly, those in the optimisation of building and system performance for energy reductions.

CIBSE Guide D (September 2015)
Since its inception, Guide D has become the de facto reference for many people involved in the broad and varied world of vertical transportation. The Guide provides the reader with a wealth of information and recommendations on key issues relating to vertical transportation systems.


CIBSE Top TipsCIBSE Top Tips (2015)
A series produced for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) intended to help property operators, facilities managers and designers to understand the topics involved and what they can do to ensure buildings provide a healthy, comfortable and productive working environment in an energy efficient manner.

CP1 Heat Networks: Code of Practice for the UK (July 2015)
Seeks to provide clear and measurable outputs which will ensure that a heat network operates effectively and meets client and customer expectations.

LG12/15: Lighting Guide 12: Emergency Lighting
Outlines the main legal requirements and standards relating to emergency lighting prior to explaining the lighting requirements for the various areas, such as defined escape routes, open areas and areas where hazardous processes take place.

TM57: Integrated School DesignTM57: Integrated School Design (April 2015)
Provides guidance not only for the building services engineer but also other members of the design team, such as architects, contractors, client bodies and users, who have an influence on the design outcomes.


CIBSE Guide A: Environmental DesignGVA/15: CIBSE Guide A: Environmental Design (March 2015)
Guide A: Environmental design is the premier technical/reference source for designers and installers of building services, especially low energy and environmentally sustainable buildings. This is the eighth edition, which comprehensively updates its predecessor. It also contains many significant changes in both format and content.