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Inter Institute Networking Event 2016

Inter Institute Networking Event 2016
28th July 2016
By Jairo A Jaramillo and Alex Logan
An architect, a services engineer, a manufacturer and an acoustician walk into a building…
No, not the opening words of a rubbish construction industry joke, rather the scenario that awaited over 70 guests at South Kensington’s Baden Powell House.  The reason?  The long-awaited 2016 Inter-Institute Networking Event.

South Kensington's Baden Powell House, venue for IINE 2016

It can often be the case that the various professionals from across the construction sector do not come together in informal circumstances except for the now de rigeur topping out parties or team socials.  These can be few and far between so it was fantastic to see the Institute of Acoustics’ younger members lead the hosting for what is fast becoming one of the top events in the CIBSE YEN calendar.  Guests were greeted with a ‘networking bingo’ card upon arrival which encouraged them to talk to as many people as possible in the hope of winning a prize at the end of the evening.

CIBSE YEN London's Jairo A Jaramillo and Andrew Saville enjoy a catch-up

I must admit that I gave up trying to fill my card very quickly, chatting with various new faces proved irresistible and as such the festivities were almost over when I realised I hadn’t even put my name on my card!  Regardless, a great night was had with CIBSE YEN London stalwarts David Mather, Alex Logan, James Woods, Ryan Rodrigues and Andrew Saville.  It was nice also to see Panasonic’s Harvey Loyal and above all the high turnout of architects was seen as a real indicator of success, coming as it does on the back of last year’s maiden event.

We need to talk...conversation flows at IINE 2016

Our thanks to the IoA and all who attended and helped to arrange this superb night of food, drink and of course, conversation.  
Roll on the 2017 version and a hat-trick of success!