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Press Summary - September 2016

Young Engineers Awards
Eight young engineers are vying to be crowned the 21st winner of the CIBSE ASHRAE Graduate of the Year Award and win the first prize of a trip to the ASHRAE Winter Conference in Las Vegas.

They are joined by six companies shortlisted for the equally prestigious CIBSE Employer of the Year Award.
The CIBSE Young Engineers’ Awards 2016 are supported by CIBSE and ASHRAE, the two global engineering bodies for building services, and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). They are sponsored by Andrews Water Heaters, Ruskin Air Management and Waterloo Air Products and also receive support from the CIBSE Patrons.

CIBSE Conference
Performance, Inspiration and Aspiration are the keywords behind the 2016 Building Performance Conference and Exhibition, organised by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) as it officially launches this year’s programme.

Following on from CIBSE President John Field’s promise to inspire engineers to ‘talk the talk’ and fight for their place at the heart of modern life, this Conference will bring together over 40 expert speakers to showcase the latest thought on building performance and help engineers deliver and maintain high performing buildings.

Night of Heritage Light
The Night of Heritage Light (NoHL) organised by the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL), has been named the Best Creative Lighting Event at the darc Awards.

Once shortlisted by a panel of prominent figures within the lighting industry, the prize was then awarded by the votes of 1,300 professional design agencies from around the world, representing true global recognition of the event by the peers of the organisations involved.

On 1st October 2015, the SLL lit 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites in celebration of the International Year of Light, including Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire, Blenheim Palace, the Tower of London and Ironbridge Gorge. Each site was allocated a design team, led by a recognised lighting professional and SLL member. The event was also supported by over a hundred lighting professionals, representing 50 organisations.

In response to the publication of the first report by the Joint Committee on the Palace of Westminster, which recommends MPs vacate both houses of Parliament for six years John Field, President of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, said:

"We are very pleased that the Joint Committee has acted on the advice that we gave, and recommended that MPs move out of the Palace of Westminster while renovation takes place, rather than trying to complete the work around them whilst they are in-situ.

“Building services are an extremely important part of any building, and this report acknowledges that getting them right can be a matter of life and death. It is also very important that the whole life performance of the renewed Palace is carefully considered. The Joint Committee recognises that ensuring that we deliver a Parliament fit for the 21st century with good value to the electorate who fund it requires a systemic, whole life approach to the project, which isn’t feasible in a situation where the MPs remain in place.”

Shedding New Light: The blog takes a look at the issue of LED lighting in public-sector procurement. Public organisations from Aberdeen to Ashford have been investing in LED technology to cut their lighting bills and save energy, but is it always the best option? We ask what buyers should consider before they invest.

Time in the sun: Continuing our series of blog on alternative power generation, we turn our attention to micro-PV which harnesses the power of the sun. Contrasting two very different parts of the world, Qatar and Germany, we look at how these two countries are looking to make their solar revolutions work.

Time to pull up a chair: As the focus on climate change intensifies, and every industry looks to how it can play its part in lessening its effects, Facilities Managers may have what it takes to shoulder the burden. Geoff Prudence, Chair of the CIBSE FM Group, makes a case for his profession as the gatekeepers of building performance.

Making cities smarter: Everyone seems to be talking about smart cities at the moment, and as the way we use data becomes ever more sophisticated, the more ambitious those plans become. To talk us through one of the most exciting new players on the smart cities field, Innovate UK have contributed a blog the gives us the basics.

#Build2Perform podcast
The air we breathe: This month, we're concentrating on the issue of indoor air quality. What is it, why is it important and what can engineers do about it? I'll be speaking to two experts in air quality, independent sustainability consultant Julie Godefroy and Alan Fogarty of Cundall, to answer those questions and more!

CIBSE Journal
40 Years of CIBSE: The Journal takes a look at the events of the last 40 years, starting at CIBSE’s foundation in 1976. Which technological advances have been most important, which current events have caused the most change and how has building services itself changed?

The art of cooling: Its fa├žade is not the only thing that’s cutting edge about the new Tate Modern extension – it uses water from the gravel below to cool and heat the galleries inside. Andy Pearson explains the innovative strategy.

Primary evidence: School design has changed fundamentally over the past 40 years, but have results improved in terms of energy use? IES’ Colin Rees models two primary schools from 1976 and 2016 to find out what impact advances in materials, systems and IT have had on energy consumption.

Safe harbour: For 200 years the historic HMS Namur lay forgotten under a wheelwrights’ shop at The Chatham Historic Dockyard. Now it’s the star of an exhibition on the age of sail in a Grade I restoration