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General Criteria for Entry


Entry to the awards is free and will be submitted on the relevant form via email to, as detailed below. Each entry will be judged on both objective and subjective measures, so please provide data to support your application, as well as good descriptions of how a project or process was digitally enabled and provided tangible benefits.


These awards are to celebrate Digital Engineering in Building Services. The terms “Digital Engineering” and “Building Services” are defined below:

Digital Engineering

The creation or application of software, processes and/or techniques that utilise data and/or geometry to create either better project outcomes or create efficiencies in either a project setting or the operations of a company or other organisation.

Building Services

Products, processes and systems to translate energy into cooling, heat, light and other forms to enable a habitable and comfortable built environment. Generally, these are reflective of the purview of CIBSE, its societies and special interest groups.


Entrants may nominate themselves or be nominated by a colleague or fellow project team member. If nominated by another, the application will only be processed with the express permission of the nominee.
Unless stated otherwise, no account will be taken of the size of organisation or project nominated. These awards are to celebrate digital innovation in all of its forms.


Applications will only be accepted by proper completion of the relevant entry form. Additional material may be supplied to support any individual application. The SDE cannot return any materials once submitted.
All applications should be emailed to, with a maximum file size of 10Mb. Any additional material that exceeds this size should be supplied by using a link to enable the download of said materials.


Judging will be by digital engineering building services professionals selected by the SDE. The judges will have no business connections with the entry to be judged. The criteria for each category will be laid out on the application form. The judges’ decision will be final.