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Building Services Case Studies

Heat spring's eternal: The Bath Abbey heating plan inspired by Romans

An ambitious project is under way to replace Bath Abbey's 150-year-old heating system with low-energy underfloor heating, using heat recovered from hot springs rising in the nearby Roman Baths. CIBSE Journal looks at the challenges encountered at the Unesco World Heritage city site. Read the full article here.

February 2019

Playing to the gallery - V&A Dundee's low carbon strategy

With its bold geometric design in danger of upstaging the exhibits inside, V&A Dundee has been making waves far beyond the museum world. The CIBSE Journal looks at how the showstopping design influenced Arup's low carbon strategy and choice of the renewable energy source. Read the article in full here.

January 2019 

Natural selection - measuring the effects of the Biophilic Office

A major BRE study on biophilic office design will focus on how lighting impacts on the wellbeing of occupants. BRE's Flavie Lowres describes the aims of the project in the CIBSE Journal. Read the article here

December 2018 


Judicial Renew

Fifty-year-old boilers at the Old Bailey are being replaced under the watchful eye of Lady Justice in a major 10-year refurbishment. CIBSE Journal speaks to the project team about the challenge of replacing heating and cooling without interrupting proceedings in 18 law courts. Read the article here.

November 2018

Engineering façades at Zaha Hadid's Morpheus hotel

The design of the jaw-dropping Morpheus Hotel in Macau has a 40-storey, free-form exoskeleton that would not have been possible without the skill of the façade engineers. CIBSE Journal talks to BuroHappold Engineering about the 30 façade systems needed to realise the striking design. Read the article here

October 2018

Sporting highlights - how daylighting slashed energy use at Oriam Sports Performance Centre

The services design for the CIBSE award-winning Oriam Sports Performance Centre minimises energy use while maintaining optimum conditions for playing sport. CIBSE Journal finds out how Max Fordham was able to maximise daylighting and natural ventilation, and - at the same time - meet strict requirements for lighting and overheating. Read the article here

September 2018


Make way fo the revolution - inside SES Engineering Services' M&E factory

With contractors increasingly turning to offsite construction, we speak to some of the pioneers delivering prefabricated M&E. CIBSE Journal visits SES Engineering Services' factory, in York, to find out how its factory focus is helping to change the culture of construction. Read the article here

September 2018


Alight here for Crossrail - lighting design on the Elizabeth Line

The use of LED lighting in Crossrail's subterranean infrastructure will result in reduced energy consumption. CIBSE Journal spoke to one manufacturer to find out how its designers met Transport for London's exacting specification requirements. Read the article here.

August 2018


Heat recovery at the University Arms Hotel

Cambridge's University Arms Hotel refurbishment had to accomodate a complext heat recovery system on a contrained site with strict planning restrictions. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal here.

August 2018


How BIM helped restore the Spanish City pleasure palace in Whitley Bay

Restoring the Spanish City pleasure palace in Whitley Bay meant instaling many services in teh Grade II listed building for the first time. Mott MacDonald's David Ridley explains how cloud-based BIM helped real-time collaboration to preserve the heritage of the building, in the CIBSE Journal. Read the article here

July 2018


Energiesprong - the Dutch system that could rescue Britain's social housing

Eneriesprong is a Dutch housing process that encourages developers to consider real-world performance. CIBSE Journal looks at the first UK pilot and Melius Homes' strategy for guaranteeing outcomes in a retrofit. Read the article here

June 2018


Using cloud-based BIM to design London's Royal Wharf development

Online-based BIM collaboration is helping to deliver the Royal Wharf development in London's Docklands. Phil Lattimore reports in the CIBSE Journal. Read the article here.

May 2018


Using Soft Landings to optimise the UK's biggest Passivhaus

Soft Landings helped the George Davies Centre to a DEC A rating after completion. Willmott Dixon's Khasha Mohammadian says Passivhaus resulted in significantly lower heat demand than on other higher education projects. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal here.

May 2018


Breath of fresh air

Arup's innovative ventilation strategy not only preserved the aesthetic of the Simon Sainsbury Centre in Cambridge, but also exploited the building's thermal mass. Arup's Joshua Bird explained in the CIBSE Journal. Read the article here.

April 2018

Optimising heat at Little Kelham housing scheme

LEDA had to come up with an innovative solution when it was asked to design the heating, hot-water and ventilation systems for a part-built housing scheme in Sheffield, as Andy Pearson discovered in the CIBSE Journal. Read the article here. 

April 2018

Spoiled for Choice

A low energy housing scheme in Northern Ireland impressed at the CIBSE Building Performance Awards, where it won Project of the Year - Residential. Andy Pearson found out why it deserved the trophy in the CIBSE Journal. Read the article here.

April 2018

Meet the team behind University of Oxford's carbon reduction programme

The University of Oxford not only tops the World University Rankings - it also heads its peers on building performance, after being named overall champion and Facilities Management Team of the Year at the CIBSE Building Performance Awards. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal here.

March 2018

Optimising HVAC system performance using BMS data analytics

Carbon Credentials uses advanced data analytics to drill down into BMS data and optimise the performance of HVAC systems. Founder Cian Duggan explains in the CIBSE Journal. Read the article here.

February 2018

Improving heat network data performance at The Guinness Partnership

Using data to analyse performance of a heat network enabled The Guinness Partnership to cut annual energy bills by £65 per dwelling in one pilot project. This convinced it to create strict performance requirements for future projects, as Alex Smith found out. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal here.

February 2018

The passive-first approach at Keynsham Civic Centre

Ahead of the Building Performance Awards, Andy Pearson looks at how soft landings and a passive-first approach made Keynsham Civic Centre Project of the Year (Public use) in 2017. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal here.

February 2018

Protecting priceless artwork at Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi will exhibit priceless artwork, so an environmental strategy that protects them from sand and extreme heat was essential. Andy Pearson explains how BuroHappold Engineering did it, in the CIBSE Journal. Read the article here.

February 2018

Battery packs a punch

Europe's largest community energy battery installation at the Trent Basin housing development in Nottingham will be a demonstrator project for the UK. Andy Pearson explains the concept and the challenges behind it in the CIBSE Journal. Read the article here.

January 2018

Shades of the past

Madinat Al Irfan, in Oman, is set to redefine sustainable design in the Middle East. The CIBSE Journal talked to the masterplanners behind a city aiming to halve energy and water use by allying smart building with tranditional Omani design principles. Read the article here

January 2018

Designing a natural ventilation strategy for Bloomberg's London HQ

Bloomberg’s new European HQ sets high standards for large-scale sustainable office design. The ambitious services strategy features a petal-shaped chilled ceiling and innovative vacuum drainage, which aims to reduce energy use by 33% and water by 73%. Andy Pearson reports in the CIBSE Journal. Read it here.

December 2017

National Gallery of Ireland's hidden services

Refurbishment of the National Gallery of Ireland required tight environmental control in the galleries, but there was minimal space to make this happen. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal

November 2017

Film noir: Avoiding sky glow in the South Downs

Lights, curtain calls and lofty ambitions were thrown into the spotlight when an old brewery was converted into a cinema in Sussex – but awards soon followed.  Read the article in the CIBSE Journal

October 2017

Greenwich hotel opens door to district heating

The InterContinental Hotel at the 02 was linked to the local heat network after designers convinced the developer of its resilience. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal

October 2017

Art of restoration: The Mackintosh Building

Timber-lined ventilation ducts helped spread the fire that destroyed large parts of Glasgow’s Mackintosh Building – but those very same ducts have been given a key role in the building services of the refurbished landmark. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal

September 2017

Winning Formula

DPR Construction was adamant that the refurbishment of its 50-year-old, industrial-style San Francisco office had to achieve net-positive energy status. Andy Pearson explains how Elementa Consulting’s simple all-electric design helped the firm achieve its goal. Read the article on the CIBSE Journal website here.

August 2017

From first to last

BIM data has been used at Birmingham City University, from concept design to operation. Hoare Lea’s Sadie Adams, Sabrina Gill and Alec Mabbott explain how they extracted full value from the project data. Read the article on the CIBSE Journal website here.

June 2017

Hive of Activity

Agile workplaces that allow staff to choose where they work are making inroads in offices. Liza Young finds out how such spaces will work alongside wellbeing principles. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal.

June 2017

Secure connection

With linked energy centres that allow the transfer of both heating and cooling, two new buildings in Victoria Street have been designed with the future in mind. Andy Pearson reports. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal.

May 2017

Stretching Forth

Services on the new Queensferry Crossing show there is no limit to the opportunities presented by coordinated BIM design and prefabrication. Andy Wall, of SES Engineering Services, talks to Alex Smith. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal.

May 2017

Efficiency Drive

Jaguar Land Rover’s new engine-manufacturing facility won Project of the Year: Commercial/Industrial at the CIBSE Building Performance Awards 2017. Andy Pearson explains why it deserves the accolade. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal.

May 2017

Chemical equilibrium

The GlaxoSmithKline Carbon Neutral Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry at the University of Nottingham aims to be carbon neutral over its 25-year lifetime. Rebuilt after a fire gutted the site a year into construction, Andrew Brister reveals the energy strategy behind the £15.8m building. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal.

April 2017

High Art, Low Energy

Arup’s design of Athen’s remarkable new cultural centre put sustainability on the agenda from the start, and the commitment and vision of the client and design team resulted in it becoming Greece’s first LEED Platinum building. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal.

April 2017

University Challenge

Building a higher education campus in a remote region of a landlocked country that bans the use of electricity for heating was never going to be straightforward, as Aecom’s Michael Stimpson explains. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal here.

March 2017

Double First

The University of Bradford won the ultimate CIBSE Building Performance Awards accolade for the second time last month. Andy Pearson finds out how the facilities management team has maintained its focus on energy reduction, and reveals its plans to go off-grid. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal here.

March 2017

Just the ticket

Good design, monitoring and control have ensured The Hive library in Worcester has comfortably beaten its energy targets. Afroditi-Maria Konidari and Ian P Knight, of Cardiff University, look at how proactive building management and low-energy design reaped results. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal here.

February 2017

Silent Partner

The minimalist architecture of the Design Museum’s new London home meant its building services had to be silent and hidden from view. Andy Pearson explains how ChapmanBDSP overcame the challenges. Read the article in the CIBSE Journal here.

February 2017

Hall of Fame

Harrods’ entrance hall has been refurbished in time for the new-year sales. Liza Young found out how modern services fit with the store’s heritage.Read the article on the CIBSE Journal website.

January 2017

Food for Thought

Used cooking oil from London restaurants is powering two PwC office buildings. It is a pioneering approach to sustainability, but threw up challenges that required innovative thinking and strict maintenance. ChapmanBDSP’s Darren Coppins explains. Read the article on the CIBSE Journal website here.

January 2017

Creature Comforts

How do you turn a brutalist, uninsulated, concrete structure – housing the University of Cambridge’s zoology department – into a naturally ventilated showcase of sustainability that encourages collaboration between conservation groups? Read the full case study on the CIBSE Journal website 

December 2016

Enlightened Thinking

The Enterprise Centre at the University of East Anglia has just won the 2016 Lux Award for office, education and healthcare lighting project of the year. Colin Ball outlines the radical approach that began with darkness. Read the full case study on the CIBSE Journal website.

December 2016

Raising the Bar

Land Rover BAR will attempt to achieve Britain’s first America’s Cup victory next year. If its teamwork is anything like the collaborative approach taken to design its HQ, Sir Ben Ainslie stands a good chance of bringing home the trophy. Read the full case study on the CIBSE Journal website

November 2016

Fresh Thinking

A single-sided ventilation strategy that meets environmental criteria – while upholding design quality – has been rolled out in two Nottinghamshire schools. Breathing Buildings’ Shaun Fitzgerald, Cundall’s Peter Hazzard, and John Leonard, from Nicholas Hare Architects, explain the system. Read full case study on the CIBSE Journal website

November 2016

The Art of Cooling – Services Design at the Tate Modern Extension

Its façade is not the only thing that’s cutting edge about the new Tate Modern extension – it uses water from the gravel below to cool and heat the galleries inside. Find out more about the innovative strategy. Read full case study on the CIBSE Journal website.

October 2016

Safe Harbour

For 200 years the historic HMS Namur lay forgotten under a wheelwrights’ shop at The Chatham Historic Dockyard. Now it’s the star of an exhibition on the age of sail in a Grade I restoration. Read full case study on the CIBSE Journal website.

October 2016

A Picture of Health

Cundall’s new office is the first project in Europe to receive Well Building Standard certification. Find out what this involved, and how it affects staff wellbeing and productivity. Read full case study on the CIBSE Journal website.

September 2016

Out of Reach – South Bank Tower Retrofit

A vibrant mixed-use tower has emerged from a dreary 1970s London office block after engineers worked out how to accommodate a multitude of building services into its concrete structure. Read full case study on the CIBSE Journal website.

September 2016

In Control – Thermal Comfort and Productivity

Architect AHMM has used its office as a testbed for thermal strategies in a building with no cooling. AHMM’s Craig Robertson and Ines Idzikowski Perez, of UCL, report on the balance between cost, comfort and productivity. Read full case study on the CIBSE Journal website.

September 2016

Heat Stress – Addressing Overheating at Addenbrooke’s Rosie Maternity Unit

Mothers, babies and staff at the Rosie maternity unit in Cambridge can endure summer temperatures of over 30°C. Find out here what can be done to improve resilience at the 1983 facility at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Read full case study on the CIBSE Journal website.

August 2016

Cambridge First

A Grade I listed hall of residence at Trinity College, Cambridge has undergone a highly sensitive upgrade that sets the standard for the green retrofitting of UK’s historic buildings. Read full case study on the CIBSE Journal website.

July 2016

Inspiration for a Nation

The team behind the Packard Foundation HQ, which won the international project of the year accolade at CIBSE’s awards, set out to encourage others in the US by creating a net zero energy building. Read full case study on the CIBSE Journal website.

June 2016

Leicester's Other Winning Team

The University of Leicester’s Centre for Medicine is the largest project in the UK to gain Passivhaus certification. Andy Pearson looks at how outstanding teamwork between the contractor, engineer and architect ensured a winning scheme. Read full case study on the CIBSE Journal website.

May 2016

Fitness Fanatics

Arboreal Architecture was awarded Residential Project of the Year at the CIBSE Awards for its forensic approach to a retrofit in Clapham. Andrew Pearson looks at how a deep understanding of building physics enabled the design team to maximise performance. Read full case study on the CIBSE Journal website.

April 2016

Horses for Courses 

M&E services in Cheltenham Racecourse’s new £45m grandstand had to be controlled zonally if parts of the building were to be hired out for weddings and other non-racing events. Luckily, the engineers didn’t fall at the first. Read full case study on CIBSE Journal website.

March 2016

London Calling

Camden’s Agar Grove estate is to become the UK’s biggest residential Passivhaus project. Max Fordham’s Bertie Dixon describes the challenges of building an 18-storey tower to the standard, and explains why the council is committed to the low energy code. Read full case study on CIBSE Journal website.

February 2016

Light and Shade

Masdar, in Abu Dhabi, is designed to showcase green technologies in the Middle East. Andy Pearson looks at how the city’s masterplan helped determine Aecom’s passive-first strategy in this Leed Platinum exemplar scheme. Read full case study on CIBSE Journal website.

January 2016

Beyond Oil

The headquarters for the International Renewable Energy Agency boasts a huge PV array – but the real talking point is the 50% reduction in energy demand achieved after extensive modelling from the outset. Read full case study on CIBSE Journal website.

January 2016

Smooth as Ice

London’s Somerset House comes to life in winter. Its illuminated neoclassical façades form a sparkling backdrop to the open-air ice-rink that, each year, attracts thousands of pre-Christmas revellers. Until the end of the 20th century, it was a more austere place, housing many government departments, including the Inland Revenue. Read full case study on CIBSE Journal website.

December 2016

The Home of Graphene

The first big breakthrough in graphene took place in Manchester, and now the city has a £61m facility aimed at developing the material for everyday use. CH2M Hill’s Ian MacAskill describes the challenge of designing services for the extraordinarily complex National Graphene Institute. Read full case study on CIBSE Journal website.

Building by the Book

Soft landings is instrumental in helping Aecom target tough energy requirements for the University of East London’s new library in Stratford. Find out how continual refi nement of the building, once in operation, helped it win CIBSE’s New Build Project of the Year (up to £10m) award. Read full case study.

No Compromise

In aiming for Passivhaus the project team at the Enterprise Centre worked to the tightest of parameters leading to the use of 70% bio-based materials, a superairtight envelope and minimal plug loads. Read full case study on CIBSE Journal website.


Light at the End of the Tunnel

Endless corridors, dingy waiting rooms and basement treatment rooms will be a thing of the past at Guy’s new Cancer Centre when it opens in 2016. Liza Young finds out how innovative service design has helped to create a blueprint for modern cancer care buildings. Read full case study on CIBSE Journal website.

On A Mission

Portakabin is using CIBSE’s TM54 tool to help predict energy use at a new Cambridge base for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. The article explains why the modular builder is taking an ‘honest approach’ to energy efficiency. Read full case study.

Street Smart

Local electrical power networks have the potential   to slash household energy bills by half, but are being held in check by regulations on domestic energy management. A pilot project in Wiltshire is showing how modern controls, clever algorithms and more enlightened legislation could transform UK energy supply. Read full case study.

Wimbledon Ace

Mansel Court in south-west London is an exemplar office refurbishment that delivers comfort and energy savings for tenants, and potentially higher yields for investors. Alex Smith discovers that early input from building services engineer Skelly & Couch was key to its success. Read full case study on CIBSE Journal website.

A Flying Start

Christchurch International Airport’s new terminal features a water source heat pump system with a payback period of only two years. Andy Pearson looks at an innovative system that triumphed in the International Project of the Year category at the CIBSE Building Performance Awards 2015. Read full case study.

A Lesson in Refurbishment

Westborough Academy, in Essex, won the Refurbishment Project of the Year at the recent CIBSE Building Performance Awards. Andrew Brister looks at how OR Consulting Engineers collaborated with the architect to upgrade facilities at the Edwardian school, and picks out the key lessons learned. Read full case study.


Garden City

The 19- and 27-storey towers of Milan’s Bosco Verticale apartment block came into full bloom for the first time last summer. Hundreds of varieties of trees and shrubs spilled over the balconies of the 111 apartments to ensure the scheme lived up to the promise in its name – Bosco Verticale, Italian for ‘vertical forest’. Read full case study.

Leading Man

Four ventilation chimneys named John, Paul, George and Ringo are central to the environmental strategy at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool, which wowed critics at the Stirling Prize. Read full case study on CIBSE Journal website.


Holding out for Zero

The American pharmacy and grocery chain Walgreens is one of the biggest retail brands in the world, with more than 8,000 stores. So when, five years ago, it decided to build the first net-zero energy store in the US – in a way that would be as scalable as possible to the rest of its estate – the implications were enormous. Read full case study.

Knowledge is Power

Finding energy-saving opportunities in heating, cooling and ventilation systems of large, complex buildings, can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, a new web-based platform that extracts and analyses data from building management systems (BMS) has identified 47 opportunities to save energy at King’s College London – which have, so far, resulted in annual savings of £390,000. Read full case study.


On Course

The River Derwent has long been a source of energy; it was the force behind the first water-powered cotton mill – at Cromford, in Derbyshire – which gave birth to the Industrial Revolution. Now, nearly 250 years later, Derby City Council boasts its very own hydro-electric power plant, having refurbished its 1940s Council House. Read full case study.

The Art of the Impossible

Fifty Martin Place is a historic building in the heart of Sydney’s financial district. Constructed between 1925 and 1928 – for what was then the Government Savings Bank of New South Wales – it is a rare Australian example of the American-influenced, inter-war Beaux Arts style. Read full case study.


Retail Therapy

London’s iconic Harrods store won the refurbishment project category at the 2014 CIBSE Building Performance Awards, for a complex 10-year refurbishment that has delivered improved internal conditions, energy reductions, and more resilient building services. Read full case study

Trees of Knowledge

Experience gained from the post-occupancy evaluation of the National Trust’s Heelis building have been fed into the design of The Woodland Trust’s headquarters. The project team compares the in-use performance of both. Read full case study

Engineering DNA

One of the world’s largest biomedical research centres is nearing completion in a heavily built-up district of central London.  1953, Francis Crick – together with his colleagues James Watson and Maurice Wilkins – identified the structure of DNA . This proved to be of significant importance to biomedical research, and earned Crick, Watson and Wilkins the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Read full case study

GSHP in Hospital's Learning Centre

The Ortus learning and events centre is an uplifting addition to the Maudsley hospital estate that benefits from a collaborative approach to design. Read full case study

Innovative Ground- Source Energy System in University

When an innovative ground-source energy system at the Department of Earth Sciences in Oxford failed to live up to expectations, the original project team were on hand to sort it out. Unless we all adopt this approach, these technologies are bound to fail. Read full case study

Building Services in the Mary Rose Museum

The Mary Rose Museum opened earlier this year, but the painstaking process of drying the warship’s ancient timbers goes on. So how did Ramboll achieve a closely controlled environment in one of the UK’s busiest tourist attractions? Read full case study

Ventilation - in a Submarine

Submarines are among the most hostile environments on Earth, and poorly designed systems can have disastrous consequences. So how do services engineers make these volatile vessels safe to operate and live in? Read full case study

The First LEED Platinum & BREEAM Outstanding Building

The Crystal in east London was designed to host events on sustainability. But the real star of the show is the building itself – which is the first in the world to achieve the highest possible ratings in BREEAM and LEED. Read full case study

Prefabricated Energy Centre & District Heating

Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire will be Center Parcs’ fifth village in the UK and showcases the company’s latest innovations, including a prefabricated energy centre and district heating. Read full case study

Ingenious Library

With its shimmering façade, Birmingham’s new landmark library is a decadent nod to the city’s glittering past. Thankfully, the ingenuity of the engineer means that the building’s performance more than matches its head-turning appearance. Read full case study


Heat Load Control on Multiple Boilers

Heat load control is the key to an efficient multiple boiler strategy. Here are the main points to consider. Read full case study


Ventilation Strategy for NZ Bank HQ

A vast funnel-shaped atrium is the key to an innovative ventilation strategy that is cutting a New Zealand bank’s operational energy use by 50%. Read full case study

Green Lease on 1980s Block

An innovative green lease helped landlord and tennant to significantly improve the energy performance of a 1980s office block. See full case study

Lean Construction to Minimise Materials & Resources

Leeds consultant LEDA uses the principles of lean construction to minimise materials and resources on its projects. Matthew Hall explains how the approach cut services costs by a third on one refurbishment. See full case study

Advanced Energy Efficient Supermarket

Tesco’s new store in Wisbech is piloting a host of low-energy technologies that could transform the retail giant’s estate, and help to cut store emissions by half by 2020. Read full case study

Heat Recovery from Sewage Waste Treatment Plant

More than 2,000 athletes at the 2010 Winter Games in Whistler were kept warm by heat extracted from an existing sewage treatment plant. Richard Perry and Tom Ren look at the legacy of their heat network design, and reveal how the project achieved 50% savings in energy use. Read the full case study


Natural Ventilation used in BREEAM Outstanding WWF HQ

An innovative natural ventilation strategy – featuring underground air ducts and thermal cooling – enabled Atelier Ten to achieve a net zero -carbon headquarters building for WWF with minimal mechanical heating and cooling. Atelier Ten’s Patrick Bellew explains the BREEAM Outstanding design. Read the full case study

Risk Based Approach to Fire Protection in Tower

Fire suppression can be used as an alternative to fire protection, says Craig English who took the risk-based approach on the four-storey podium structure of the Beetham Tower. Read the full case study


Residential Retrofit to Passivhaus Standard

Lena Gardens

When the founder of Green Tomato Energy bought a leaky, dilapidated Victorian terrace house in London, it was the perfect test project for his company’s new low energy refurbishment service. The result is one of the UK’s first retrofit to Passivhaus standards. Read the full case study


Open Water Source Heat Pump Development

Lena Gardens

A development that uses heat stored in the water of the Thames could be the prototype for low-cost renewable energy systems all over the world. Read the full case study



Investigation of a 90s Building for Energy Performance

Elizabeth Fry Building

Too many new public and commercial buildings fail to live up to their expectations for energy savings and user comfort, but can the good ones maintain their performance? A team of experts returns to a university building that was found to perform exceptionally well in the late 1990s. Read the full case study


Innovative Technologies used in Sustainable Supermarket


Sainsbury’s has introduced a range of innovative technologies to reduce the impact of its lighting, heating and energy-intensive refrigeration. But will it be enough to meet its self-imposed target of slashing emissions by 30% in the next seven years? Read the full case study


Refurbished & Extended Music College Using BIM

Royal Welsh College

Building information modelling is transforming the way buildings are designed. Mott MacDonald used the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama to set the tone for future BIM strategy. Read the full case study


Thamesmead Estate Refurbishment

Thamesmead Estate

The transformation of a hard-to-treat 1960s property into a low carbon home involved the use of some unusual technology. Read the full case study


Energy Reducing Refurbishment of London Office Block

The Angel Building

Energy reduction was at the heart of the transformation of a drab central London office block into a CIBSE award-winning refurbishment. Read the full case study


Low Energy School to Passivhaus Standard

Bushbury Hill Primary School

To achieve Passivhaus status, the design team at Bushbury Hill Primary School had to target unregulated energy use in the kitchen and produce a super-airtight, insulated envelope that wouldn’t overheat. Andy Pearson explains how Architype and E3 stepped up to the challenge. Read the full case study


Eco-friendly Building Services Design for Olympic Pool

Aquatics Centre

The London Aquatics Centre was in full Olympics mode during the 2012 Games. But the centre’s innovative, eco-friendly building services design also provides a lasting energy-efficient facility for the nation. Read the full case study


District Energy Scheme Providing Low Carbon Heating & Cooling

Olympic Energy Centre

The development of Stratford in east London has delivered not only the Olympic Park but also a district heating system powered by two innovative energy centres. Read the full case study here



Visitor Centre with A-Rated EPC

Brockholes Nature Reserve

Building on a flood plain posed extraordinary challenges for the designers of the award-winning Brockholes Nature Reserve visitor centre. Read the full case study



Optimised Lighting for Art Gallery

Hepworth Gallery

The design for the Hepworth gallery in Wakefield aims to provide optimum light to show off the eponymous British sculptor’s works, as well as serving the needs of other, light-sensitive works. Read the full case study


Sustainable Air-conditioned Greenhouse Dome

Gardens by the Bay

Design two giant greenhouses for Singapore and then try to cool them sustainably. That was the challenge facing engineers on the new Garden by the Bay project. Read the full case study


Olympic Velodrome Targets BREEAM Very Good

Olympic VelodromeCreating the now-iconic velodrome for the London 2012 Games was something of a mean feat, with designers trying to break the laws of physics and create completely still air. Read the full case study



Fully Integrated Public & University Library Delivering BREEAM

The HiveIt is official: 72% of the public are impressed by The Hive. This ringing endorsement is for the UK’s first, fully integrated public and university library. The statistics were compiled from an exit survey of visitors to the newly opened facility, which is situated in the heart of historic Worcester. Read the full case study