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Draft BREEAM New Construction 2018

The BRE have published a draft BREEAM New Construction 2018 manual for consultation. BREEAM is the most widely used environment certification scheme in the UK and is also widely used around the world. It can have a strong influence on approaches and technical requirements applied to construction projects, and on skills and expertise required from CIBSE members and other built environment professionals.

Closing date: 3 November

Objectives of the consultation

The current BREEAM New Construction was launched in 2014. The BREEAM 2018 update aims to:

  • Reflect changes in policy, regulations, standards and best practice
  • Address feedback from assessors, clients and other stakeholders to ensure BREEAM can help deliver better buildings and better value.

 The BRE have identified the following key areas as a focus for this update:

  Technical issues  Non-Technical issues
  • Performance gap
  • Unregulated/embodied energy
  • Materials
  • Transport
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Resilience
  • Scheme alignment
  • Sector tailoring
  • Accessibility
  • Digital
  • Value
  • Data

Most of these areas are of relevance to CIBSE members. Of particular note is a proposed update to credit Ene 1 and associated energy modelling requirements.

In addition, the whole BREEAM New Construction scheme is reviewed as part of the update, and other areas will therefore also be subject to more minor changes.

The BRE are inviting responses on the overall approach, clarity of the manual, as well as the technical requirements themselves. 

Supporting papers

To download documents that support this consultation, please follow the links below:

What you can do

CIBSE will submit a response to the consultation and we would like to hear from you to best represent your views.

Please let us know if you would like to be involved and contribute to the response, or send your contributions by Friday 20 October to Julie Godefroy, Head of Sustainability Development

Members may also wish to make a submission as individuals or as part of their organisations, in addition to the CIBSE response. The final deadline for submission to the BRE is 3rd November.