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Electric vehicles: developing the market and infrastructure

The Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Committee has launched an inquiry into electric vehicles, the challenges they represent for the energy infrastructure and the actions needed to support the development of this market.

Closing date: 3 November

Objectives of the consultation

This inquiry builds on the written evidence received for the previous inquiry Electric Vehicles: Developing the Market, which was interrupted by the General Election, and brings an added focus on the challenges electric vehicles create for the electricity grid and energy infrastructure.

The Committee will be calling witnesses to provide oral evidence based on the written submissions received for the previous inquiry to examine barriers to the market's development and the support it needs to progress. It will also look at charging infrastructure as well as purchase costs and incentives to increase electric vehicle sales.

The Committee also invites written submissions in relation to the additional points below:

  • How will increased uptake of electric vehicles, to meet the Government's 2040 target to end the sale of new diesel and petrol cars, affect the electricity grid? What action is needed to manage impacts, and to make the most of opportunities afforded by vehicle-to-grid technologies?

  • How do charging infrastructure requirements differ for alternative types of vehicle, journey, and user (including fleets)?

  • How should new infrastructure for electric vehicles and associated grid reinforcements be sustainably funded?

For more information visit the BEIS Committee inquiry page.

What you can do

CIBSE will submit a response to the inquiry and we would like to hear from you to best represent your views.
Please let us know if you would like to be involved and contribute to the response, or send your contributions by Friday 20 October to Julie Godefroy, Head of Sustainability Development
Members may also wish to make a submission as individuals or as part of their organisations, in addition to the CIBSE response. The final deadline for submission to the BEIS Committee is midday on Friday 3 November.