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Pockets of Light (PoL) 2017

As a part of Night of Heritage Light 2017, the second instalment of Pockets of Light will also be taking place in Oxford on 29 September 2017.

The concept of Pockets of Light is to challenge students from local schools to produce a lighting design for the Society of Light & Lighting (SLL) team to realise on the night of the event.

This year the SLL has engaged with three local schools, City of Oxford College, St Gregory the Great and North Kidlington primary school. Over the summer SLL President Richard Caple, SLL Secretary Brendan Keely and Regional Lighting Representative Sonia Pepperell have delivered lighting workshops at each school.

The workshops provided the chance for students to get ‘hands on’ with light fittings and learn about light, colour and floodlighting technique. After each workshop, the students were invited to design a lighting scheme for one of the Bodleian Library’s façades.  

SLL President Richard Caple said, “I have been really pleased with the way the workshops have gone. We have had the opportunity to talk to well over 60 students about light and the lighting industry. It has amazed me how much they have picked up in just 60 minutes, and the designs that they have produced have been fantastic. They will be a real challenge for our design teams”.

In total over 60 lighting design submissions came in. Each school had a set façade of the Bodleian that comprised of either the North, South or West façades. A judging process then took place with members of Oxford University, Curiosity Carnival and the SLL. After much deliberation, the judges selected a winner from each school. In addition to the winners, many received commendation on their effort and originality.

SLL President Richard Caple said, “The design teams are now busy preparing the designs. I am really looking forward to seeing the student’s designs for real. I hope that all of the students will able attend on the night, I know some schools are putting a trip on to come and see them. My hope is that when they see the designs for real it will inspire them even more, you never know, some of our next generation of designers might be there”

Take a look at the winning designs for Pockets of Light 2017 below;

North Kidlington Primary School

St Gregory the Great

City of Oxford College

You can follow the Night of Heritage Light and Pockets of Light on Twitter via @SLL100 #NOHL #PoL

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Email:  Telehone: 0208 772 3685