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CIBSE President's Prize and Technical Awards 2020 and 2021

The winner of the 2021 CIBSE Undergraduate Award was Khushbu Mankani who studied at Heriot Watt University in Dubai – Khushbu is based in the UAE and couldn’t make it for the ceremony tonight – instead the award will be presented at the UAE annual awards later this year. 

Left to right: Ruth Carter,  Stuart MacPherson, Rosemary Fishburn, Kevin Kelly

The first 2020 winner for the CIBSE Undergraduate Award is presented to Rosemary Fishburn from the University of Nottingham. Her final year project was titled, The Effect of Coloured Daylight on Occupants’ Emotions.

Left to right: Ruth Carter, Kevin Kelly, Yupeng Wu, Stuart MacPherson

In addition to the Undergraduate award, a representative of the student’s university is also presented, as an acknowledgement of its achievement. Yupeng Wu was invited to receive the award on behalf of The University of Nottingham.

Left to right: Kevin Kelly, Ruth Carter, Stuart MacPherson, Anastasia Mylona, Robert Dufton

The Dufton Silver medal and the Barker Silver medal, which were last awarded in 1999, were reinstated for 2020 and 2021 alongside the Napier Shaw and Carter Bronze Medal awards. 

Awarded to the best paper relating to fundamental research published in the Journal during 2020, the Dufton Silver medal for 2021 acknowledged the paper entitled Balancing daylight and overheating in low-energy design using CIBSE improved weather files, by Eleonora Brembilla, Christina J Hopfe, John Mardaljevic, Anastasia Mylona and Eirini Mantesi. 

Left to right: Ruth Carter, Stuart MacPherson, Nishesh Jain, Kevin Kelly

The Barker Silver medal is awarded to an outstanding paper relating to the application of building services engineering that was published in BSER&T in the preceding year. The Barker Silver Medal for 2021 is awarded to the paper entitled Building performance evaluation: Balancing energy and indoor environmental quality in a UK school building, by Nishesh Jain, Esfand Burman, Craig Robertson, Samuel Stamp, Clive Shrubsole, Francesco Aletta, Edward Barrett, Tin Oberman, Jian Kang, Peter Raynham, Dejan Mumovic and Mike Davies.

Left to right: Ruth Carter, Stuart MacPherson, Tony Lamberti, Ben Robert, Kevin Kelly

The Carter Bronze medal which is awarded for the most highly rated paper published in BSER&T in the preceding year relating to research.  For the avoidance of doubt, this award has no direct connection with me, whatever the name might suggest. The 2020 Carter Bronze Medal goes to Ben M Roberts, David Allinson, Susie Diamond, Ben Abel, Claire Das Bhaumik, Narguess Khatami and Kevin J Lomas for their paper entitled Predictions of summertime overheating: Comparison of dynamic thermal models and measurements in synthetically occupied test houses.  

Left to right: Ruth Carter, Stuart MacPherson, George Bennett, Cliff Elwell, Kevin Kelly

The Carter Bronze Medal for 2021 is awarded to George Bennett and Cliff Elwell for their paper entitled, Effect of boiler oversizing on efficiency: a dynamic simulation study.

Left to right: Kevin Kelly, Ben Roberts, George Bennett, Jenny Crawley, Cliff Elwell, Jez Wingfield, Stuart MacPherson

The Napier Shaw Bronze Medal is awarded for the most highly rated paper published in BSER&T in the year relating to the application and development of building services. The 2020 award went to Jenny Crawley, Cliff Elwell and Jez Wingfield for their paper entitled, The relationship between airtightness and ventilation in new UK dwellings.