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CIBSE Education Training and Membership Committee

Purpose of Committee and frequency of meetings:

The Education Training & Membership Committee is a standing committee of CIBSE Council.

The Committee shall consist of a Chair, appointed by the Board and at least 12 members to include the Chairmen of the Registration, CIBSE Members’, Accreditation and Training & Development, Individual Case Procedure and Continuing Professional Development and Careers Panels and a representative from a Regional committee.

The committee must include at least one member who is registered as a Chartered Engineer, at least one who is registered as an Incorporated Engineer and one who is registered as an Engineering Technician.

  • A vice-Chair shall be elected from the committee membership.
  • Specialists may be co-opted, as determined by the Chair.
  • A quorum shall be no fewer than four committee members.
  • Members are appointed for one year and, normally, will serve for not longer than 5 consecutive years.
  • The committee year runs from May until April, in line with the Institution’s committee year.
  • Appropriate training will be provided for all committee members.

Terms of Reference:

1. To advise the Board on policy for all matters relating to education, training, initial and continuing professional development concerning membership of those engaged in building services engineering for all grades of CIBSE membership and Engineer Registration.

2. To plan for overall membership growth and monitor performance across the area of membership recruitment and retention.

3. To appoint Panels to execute business in respect of:
i)  Membership applications
ii)  EC registration
iii)  Assessment and accreditation of qualifications, standard and non-standard
iv)  Training and professional development
v)  Monitoring of CPD
vi)  Careers Activities

4. To appoint on a fixed term basis Task Forces as appropriate to make recommendations with regard to specific and topical issues.

5. To appoint members to represent the Institution in the affairs of other bodies within these Terms of Reference.

6. To guide representatives and receive reports from them.

7. To advise on the promotion of membership at all grades.

Sub-Committees or Panels reporting to the Committee and their purpose:

Members and Registration panel
The Individual Case Procedure Panel
The Continuing Professional Development Panel
The Training & Development Panel
The Accreditation Panel
The Careers Panel

Committee Membership

Chair: Vince Arnold

Other Members:
Lynne Jack
Neil Panton
David Cooper
David Hughes
Laurence Aston
Phil Forrest
George Adams
Andrew Rowe
Tony Lamberti
Martin Longhurst
Michael Holt
Paul Angus
Director Responsible: Director of Membership   
Department: Membership