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Nominations for Officers, Board Members and Council Members

New Institution Officers, Board Members and Council Members are elected each year to take office from the AGM in May.  Officers and Elected Board Members serve on the Board, which is the Institution’s governing body.  It is made up of the seven Officers (President, President-Elect, three Vice-Presidents, Honorary Treasurer and Immediate Past President) and five elected members. 
The Council of the Institution is a much larger consultative body which exists to advise the Board on Institution policy.  It is composed mainly of representatives of the Regions, Societies, Groups and Standing Committees, but also has a number of places for elected members.
How to Nominate

  • Members of the Institution can nominate candidates for vacancies arising in May 2018 in accordance with rules set out below.
  • The Board itself is required to nominate candidates for all vacancies - the Board’s 2018 nominations are listed here

Nominations must be made in writing to the Chief Executive, to be received at CIBSE Headquarters by 31 January 2018 together with the written consent of the nominee to accept office if elected.  The names of those making nominations will follow the name of the candidate on the ballot paper should a ballot be required.
Rules for Nominating Candidates
The rules for nominating candidates, which are set out in the Royal Charter, By-Laws and Regulations, are as follows:
Fellows, Members, Associates and Licentiates may submit nominations for the offices of President-Elect, Vice-President and Honorary Treasurer, and for Elected Members of the Board.  The candidates must meet the qualifying criteria, and must be supported by ten nominations from Fellows, Members, Associates and Licentiates.
Fellows, Members, Associates and Licentiates may also nominate individuals from those grades for membership of Council.  Graduates, Companions & Affiliates (including Students) may nominate individuals from those grades for membership of Council.  Candidates for Council must meet the qualifying criteria and must be supported by five nominations from members in the appropriate grades.