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Building Operation Award

Transport for London

Transport for London Group Property and Facilities (TfL GP&F) manages 50 head office buildings that house around 12,000 staff throughout central London. Its approach is based on the Mayor’s Climate Change Action Plan reduction strategy which aims to achieve a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025.

Twenty-six sites have voluntary display energy certificates (DECs). Investment in regional server room metering in 2010 has also led to an increase in the use of DEC separables and rating improvements. From 2008-11, the 21 comparable sites have reduced annual utility bills by £270,000.

TfL GP&F has been involved in CIBSE Carbon Off campaigns since 2006, using the Destination Green intranet tool to engage with occupants and a network of around 250 volunteer environmental champions to help roll out campaigns, with monthly updates detailing how each building is performing against energy and water targets, overnight usage and waste recycling.

Three solar PV installations output around 48,000kWh of electricity per year, with ground source heat pumps included at Pier Walk and five solar thermal installations due for 2011. At the Palestra building in Southwark in 2008 an 845kWe gas combined heat and power (CHP) and a 200kWe fuel cell CHP connected to a thermal store and absorption chiller system were installed, designed to form part of a future local district heating network.

TfL GP&F’s investment programme has been externally accredited since 2003, achieving the Carbon Trust Standard in May 2009. TfL is also one of the seven founding members of the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) of London landowners, chairing its benchmarking working group and also creating a better metering toolkit.


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