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Commissioning Project of the Year

The Darling Quarter project, Sydney (Norman Disney & Young)

Commissioning is often squeezed out in the dash to practical completion. The result is that projects often fail to fulfil their promise because they are not set up to succeed. Norman Disney & Young’s work on the Darling Quarter project in Sydney, Australia, demonstrated how commissioning should be planned and managed to deliver buildings that perform to expectations.

Norman Disney & Young’s submission set out how they had undertaken the commissioning management of the entire 1.5 hectare Darling Quarter project site. It set out the organisation, scheduling, resource and quality planning and the delivery of documents for the project, following the industry best practice guidance set out in the CIBSE Commissioning Management Code and the system specific Codes.

Norman Disney & Young worked with all the parties involved to update the plan as work progressed in line with changes made during delivery of the project, and to take into account field conditions and the actual products, components and systems installed on the project.

The Management Plan covered the design, construction, commissioning, acceptance and occupancy phases of the project, to deliver to the client comfortable, sustainable and energy-efficient buildings that meet client and occupant expectations fully.

In addition to their role as commissioning manager for the base buildings on the development, Norman Disney & Young also acted as the commissioning agent for the fit out phases of the project, including the two data centres that were contained within the buildings.

This entailed developing specific commissioning, performance testing and verification of the data centres and their critical systems.


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