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Training for Building Performance Award

Norland Managed Services

Norland Managed Services, a building services and facilities management company, developed Energy Matters, a comprehensive energy supply and management solution designed to reduce customers' carbon footprints, and Energy Matters Training (EMT), a programme to increase energy awareness among its own engineers.

While engineers usually arrive at a site to repair or maintain a specific piece of equipment, EMT enables them to consider energy implications of other equipment at the same time. Schedules have been altered to give engineers time to ‘walk’ the sites; this can result in simple, no-cost actions that can provide immediate savings, as well as identifying the more significant and complex efficiency steps. As an example, Norland’s energy engineers at Morgan Stanley have reduced base load by 25%, saving over £450k, equivalent to 2,500 tonnes of CO2 per year.

EMT consists of a series of six modules covering boilers, air handling, compressed air, variable speed drives, refrigeration and lighting. It uses a 3D, web-based computer platform that enables staff to take the training when their work schedules suit, or at home. The training covers office, warehouse and industrial buildings and focuses on a series of 3D images with a number of ‘hotspots’ on which users click to view information, read case studies or navigate to other levels. Each module includes a video and examination to test the user’s understanding. Once the course has been completed, and the tests passed, it provides an Energy Institute certificate.

An additional module, still at the pilot stage, has been developed specifically for customers' staff; this enables wider energy engagement, encouraging changes in attitudes towards sustainability in the workplace, from switching printers off overnight to not over-filling kettles. Early successes include an expo attended by more than 1,400 staff at Citibank in Canary Wharf.


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