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Jack Pirie Award – Young Engineer of the Year | 2019


Jack Pirie Award – Young Engineer of the Year | 2019

First Prize: $1,000 cash as well as an invitation to the CIBSE ANZ Young Engineers Awards, including overnight accommodation and return flight from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand to attend the Awards Ceremony in Melbourne.

Finalists' Prize:  An invitation to the Awards Ceremony in Melbourne, where the winner will be announced. Prize will include accommodation and a return flight from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand to attend the event.

Closing Date for Entries: 25 June 2019 

Awards Presentation: Part of the CIBSE ANZ Annual Cocktail Function, Thursday 12 (or Friday 13) September 2019, Melbourne. 
Venue to be confirmed


The applicant must be:

  • An engineer/consultant, aged up to 35 years as at 25 June 2019, who has completed his/her study no later than 25 June 2017 and has started their career in the building services.

  • Currently employed as a building services engineer or as a building services professional within the ANZ region


Nominees must complete and submit both the Written and Video component of the entry form to CIBSE, addressing the Assessment Criteria for the award.

Written Submission
The applicant can be self-nominated, but a statement from senior management will be required to support the application, addressing:

  •   What the young engineer has achieved academically and/or in practical projects (answer in 250 words max)

  •   Why your nominee would make a good ambassador for the building services profession (answer in up to 250 words max)

Video Submission
Entrants are also required to submit a short video, up to 3 mins addressing the following question:

Australia's commitment from the 2015 Paris Climate agreement is to achieve a 26-28% reduction in emissions over 2005 levels by 2030, whilst New Zealand's commitment is to achive 30%. The more recent IPCC Special Report Global Warming of 1.5°C in response to the Paris agreement introduces even greater urgency to achieving large scale emissions reductions over this period, and net zero emissions around the middle of the century. Reductions in energy demand indicate the fewest trade-offs and largest synergies with meeting ongoing global Sustainable Development Goals.
With this in mind, the obligation for building services engineers to contribute to reducing global emissions has never been greater.

Young Engineer Video Brief

Based upon your own work experience and supplemented with global trends around energy and demand management, present what you believe are the most novel, scalable and implementable ideas that could be applied to building services in Australia or New Zealand. Discuss the lessons learned from your own projects and how to improve upon these.

Response to encompass what you have learnt and your contribution to industry.


The written and video submissions will be weighed equally. For the written submission, nominees will be assessed in accordance with their ability to demonstrate the following:

  • Significance of Contribution to Building Services

  • Demonstration of exceeding best practice standard

  • Demonstration of technical understanding of either their discipline or the industry

For the video submission, nominees will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  •   Presentation Skills/ Clarity

  •   Originality/ Thoughtfulness

  •   Drive/ Passion

For more information please email:


View the videos of the 2018 WINNING SUBMISSIONS here



The Jack Pirie Inspiring Excellence Award

Jack Pirie had a long and successful career in the Building Services Industry and was a CIBSE member for more than fifty years. Jack was very actively involved with the ANZ Region serving on the committee for six years and being the Chair from 2001 to 2003.

Even after retirement he was always prepared to provide assistance and wise counsel when asked to do so.

Jack had the outstanding qualities of being a thoughtful, pragmatic and generous person but if there was only one quality that he could hope to install in a young engineer, we believe that it would be the quality of never being too afraid to take a chance.

Jack was extremely passionate about building services engineering and an inspiration to his many colleagues and friends, so it is fitting that this award is named in his honour.