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CIBSE Knowledge falls into the following categories:

CIBSE Guides: the flagship CIBSE publications, and offer concise guidance on the fundamentals of building services engineering. Their primary aim is to provide the data necessary to enable designers to make decisions in everyday working situations. Where design options are offered, these should be related to clearly attributed priorities with a brief explanation.

Technical Memoranda (TMs) offer information and guidance on new or developing technologies. The primary aim is to offer guidance on preferred practices and provide the best data currently available on a particular topic. In dealing with new or rapidly‑changing technologies, TMs will usually have a relatively short life. They should be regarded as the basis for future sections of a guide or other CIBSE publication.

Applications Manuals (AMs) offer a greater breadth and depth of coverage of a topic included in a guide, or provide a comprehensive discussion of a subject outside the scope of the relevant guide. The primary aim is to equip the reader to make effective design decisions. If deemed appropriate, an abridged version of an AM may later be incorporated into a guide.

Commissioning Codes stipulate established procedures for commissioning building services systems. The primary aim is to provide the reader with a rational procedure based on accepted current practice.

Codes of Practice set minimum standards reflecting good practice as currently undertaken by competent and conscientious practitioners. These recommendations are the result of considering scientific knowledge, practical experience, technical feasibility and economic reality; they have no statutory standing, although some may be adopted by appropriate authorities. They represent a base for designers to build upon, and offer guidance rather than demand compliance.

The Digital Engineering Series explicates the practical challenges of digital engineering.

Research Insight reports provide an academic view, detailing the findings of research projects supported by CIBSE's research fund. 

Technical Bulletins are short, digital-only publications produced by CIBSE and the Society of Public Health Engineers.

The Buildings for Extreme Environments series provides engineering solutions for zones defined by climatic conditions, and consists of three publications: Cold climatesTropical and Arid. 

Knowledge Series publications provide direct and accessible ‘how to’ guidance, from key subject overviews to the implementation of practical solutions. They cover very precise and targeted subjects, the majority of these probably being technical in nature. The intent is to provide concise, specific quick reference guides.

Society of Light and Lighting publications provide a wide range of publications for lighting engineers: the Code for lighting, the Lighting handbook, and several Lighting Guides and free Lighting Factfiles. 

#GrowYourKnowledge Webinars: A free series of webinars taking place every Thursday, these are designed to support the CIBSE community in maintaining CPD. 

See also CIBSE's Digital Tools: an array of web-based or software-based tools, templates and data which provide practical assistance. This is where you'll find our weather data, energy benchmarking tool, digital engineering templates, and standard symbols.