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Dissertation matching scheme

A significant need has been identified in industry for further cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing in areas such as building performance, and university dissertation supervisors are looking for topics that their students will find interesting and be relevant to industry. CIBSE is piloting a matching scheme where academic and industrial partners identify relevant areas of knowledge needs, which students carrying out dissertations / end of year projects at postgraduate degree level can then research.

Areas of interest will be promoted by academic and industrial partners on these pages, through which initial contact can be made. The level of interaction between all parties is flexible and there is no financial commitment. Students will have the opportunity to experience real industry-relevant projects, however the conclusions reached by the student should not be defined by the industrial partner.  Final marking of the project would entirely be the responsibility of the academic partner, unless the industrial partner is willing to be involved. The project output will be shared with the industry partner and CIBSE on completion of the marking exercise. 

For further information or to be put in touch with an industrial partner, please contact Sara Kassam