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Companion Grade

If your employment involves you with building services, and you wish to promote building services engineering even though you may belong to another profession, such as medicine, architecture, law, marketing or accountancy, you are encouraged to become affiliated with CIBSE.

Companion is the senior grade of affiliated membership and is open to those who are not academically qualified building services engineers but who are contributing in a substantial way to the advancement of our profession.

The contribution which you make to the art and science of building services, and to its promotion, is highly valued by the Institution, and Companions enjoy the same status within the Institution as Corporate Members. They bring a broader perspective to the affairs of the Institution, and their views are constantly sought and welcomed on issues affecting the industry and the environment in which it operates.

To become a Companion member of CIBSE you need;

  • To have made a contribution to the promotion of building services
  • To be in a senior position in an enterprise related to building services engineer

Factsheets and Application Form