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This arrangement between CIBSE and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) establishes mutual recognition of their respective requirements for membership.

The agreement provides a fast-track route which enables appropriately qualified members of one organisation to be accorded the appropriate grade of membership of the other.

The following grades of membership are available under the CIBSE/ASHRAE Route:

For CIBSE members applying to ASHRAE:

  • Member CIBSE -Member ASHRAE
  • Fellow CIBSE -Member ASHRAE

For ASHRAE members applying to CIBSE:

  • Member ASHRAE without Professional Engineering Registration - Licentiate CIBSE
  • Member ASHRAE with Professional Engineering Registration - Member CIBSE

Please note that ASHRAE Members applying for Member of CIBSE are required to hold professional engineering registration with a recognised engineering authority. Please contact the CIBSE membership team to check whether your engineering authority is recognised.

You can watch a 4 minute presentation on the requirements here.

CIBSE members wishing to join ASHRAE via this route are advised to download the application form on the ASHRAE website.

Before applying online:
​Please ensure you have the following documents (in separate files) as you will be required to provide and submit them online:

  • ASHRAE Certificate (Member & Licentiate).
  • Competence Statement (Licentiate only).
  • Professional Registration Certificate (Member only).
  • CV (Member only).

Apply online using the link below:

Licentiate Application 

Member Application


Equivalent Authorities

Please find below a list of authorities that award registration equivalent to CEng for the purpose of this route. Note that this list is not comprehensive.

One of the recognised UK Engineering Institutions

State Licensing Boards

One of the Province/Territory Engineering Associations                                   

EU Authorities
Cyprus - Technical Chamber
Associate of German Engineers
Greece - Technical Chamber
Hungary - Chamber of Engineers
Italy - Ordine degli Ingegneri
Malta - Chamber of Engineers
Poland - Technical Chamber
Portugal - Ordem dos Engenheiros
Spain - Ordem dos Engenheiros

Engineers Australia
Egyptian Engineering Association  
Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
Engineers Ireland
Korean Professional Engineers Association
Malaysia - Board of Professional Engineers
Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand
Pakistan Engineering Council
Philippines - Professional Regulation Commission 
Saudi Council of Engineers
Singapore - Professional Engineers Board
Engineering Council of South Africa                                          
Trinidad & Tobago - Board of Engineering