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Power Hours

This page contains the presentations from our ‘Power Hour’ events. In these fast paced talks we have 5 speakers each with 6 minutes to present followed by a moderated panel discussion. We have a timer counting down from 1 hour and everything needs to be finished in that time! 

Click the presentation titles to download the slides as PDFs.

Electricity Storage for Buildings
28 Sept 2018

Battery storage is becoming a regular feature in technical news bulletins with global investment in energy storage expected to reach $550Bn by 2050 and the price of lithium-ion batteries falling by 80% since 2010. This event looks at electricity storage in buildings, the challenges this entails, how it affects the power grid, and how industry, owners and occupiers can help!


This event was recorded live on Twitter. Click here for the video link.


Metering for Fame, Fortune & Happiness
July 12 2018

Can no one get metering right? We have to put them in, but does anyone check they're working or even look at them afterwards? Forget metering for Part L! This event provides essential insight for metering multi-let buildings, as “Part L metering” can be insufficient for tenant billing, particularly in relation to heat networks.

This event was recorded live on Twitter. Click here for the video link.


Resources for speakers

Please download the PowerPoint template including guidance notes here