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The New Space Race

The aim of this article by AIRAH  is to raise awareness to all stakeholders in the building delivery process about a compliance problem with NCC BCA volume 1-energy efficiency requirements.

Since 2010, NCC BCA Section J Deemed-To-Satisfy requirements for limiting the power used by HVAC fan and pump motors has resulted in an increase to system duct and pipe sizes. At the same time, Section J has also increased minimum insulation R values and has moved to a "Material R value" basis for insulation systems, leading to increased thicknesses for traditional materials. Although increasing the energy efficiency of building services systems is an essential action to control building-related energy use, the combined effect of these three changes has led to an increase in the spatial requirements of the services that need to fit into the plant rooms, shafts and ceiling spaces of BCA Deemed-To-Satisfy compliant buildings. In this "view from all sides" article, Vince Aherne, M.AIRAH, speaks to four experts about how the construction industry is dealing with these spatial issues.

This is something we should all feel strongly about and urge you to read the full item.