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East Anglia Past Presentations

21 January 2009 - Code for Sustainable Homes

Speaker: Iain Farquharson

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Iain was able to provide a brief oversight into the world of Code for Sustainable Homes in a light and humorous way dipping in and out of a long and sometimes complicated subject.

With a government commitment to large scale energy and CO2 reductions The Code offers a route for many in the construction industry to make a contribution.

6 February 2007: Sustainable Development Conference and Membership Event

Download presemtations (as pdfs files) below:

15 September 2005: Energy Performance of Buildings & Part L

Speaker: Phil Jones  
Download Presentation (280KB pdf file)

5 May 2005: Whole Life Performance 

Speaker: Rob Farman 
Download Presentation (200KB pdf file)

6 January 2005: Fire Detection Systems - The Future and Beyond 

Speaker: Gary Howe. 
Download Presentation (1MB pdf file)

4 November 2004: In Safe Hands - Delivering Quality

Speaker: Roderick Pettigrew (HVCA). 
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7 October 2004: Under floor heating concepts and principles 

Speaker: Geoff Baker 
Download Presentation (670KB pdf file)