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25 August 2015: Building on Regional Success

Building on Regional Success

Chris Jones (HCNW Chair), Mike Smith (HCNW Classic), Iain Clarke (HCNW Secretary) and Xohan Duran (HCNW Vice Treasurer) were pleased to meet Stephen Matthews (CEO, CIBSE) and Carilyn Clements (Membership Director, CIBSE) for a very valuable exchange of ideas about the Regions.

Forward-looking HCNW events (such as Energy and Behavioural Change, Economics, Intelligent Buildings, Inclusivity, Cyber-security, Big Data, Future Skills, Optimisation - Design by Algorithm) illustrate how the Regions and their communities of practice can act as forums to open up new ground in the art and science of building services engineering.

Altogether a very positive meeting, and HCNW was therefore very grateful for this opportunity. The workshop yielded many well-supported initiatives, in summary:

  • A refreshed mission statement for the Regions and the role they fulfill for CIBSE Members.
  • Ideas for greater engagement via the Regional Liaison Committee
  • Wider-ranging agendas for volunteers' days - perhaps an additional Regions' Day
  • Supporting volunteers who serve on Region Committees