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31 December 2015: CIBSE Benevolent Fund

It All Helps

Appeals to CIBSE's Benevolent Fund have reached a record and CIBSE HCNW found a modest way to assist, by donating lost deposits and the small admission fees the Region asks of the general public, which of course is revenue over and above the CIBSE grant.


The Benevolent Fund sent this report for the HCNW AGM which is worth revisiting here:

"...We only have one Benevolent Fund client in the HCNW Region, so if you know of any CIBSE member or dependant who needs help please ask them to contact the Fund Administrator, Stuart Brown, at CIBSE Headquarters.

This client is a widow whose husband died without leaving enough provision for her pension. We have supported her for about 10 years and at present she receives the standard grant of £400 every three months."

The Region thanks all those who helped collect a £99.10 donation to the Benevolent Fund this year.