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7 April 2016: The HCNW AGM

Elections and a New Chapter

The HCNW AGM was held at the Swedenborg Hall, Bloomsbury on Thursday 7 April, attended by CIBSE President Nick Mead, President-Elect John Field, Past President George Adams and CIBSE Vice-President Cathie Simpson. CIBSE Members from many other Regions attended, along with YEN, WiBSE members and the General Public. The meeting had an entry of 73.

A rolling presentation celebrated some of the Region's events, its community of practice, and engagement with the general public (Letchworth and Berkhamstead), other institutions (IET Surrey and IET Buckinghamshire, SoPHE and the SLL, and WiBSE, all through joint events) and ran for 16 minutes.


CIBSE President Nick Mead awarded the retiring Committee Members the Region pin badge and the Past-Chair's medal in a discrete presentation during refreshments.

The Elections were supervised (as in 2015) by an independent Returning Officer, Mr Tudor Allen DAA, (also Senior Archivist at the London Borough of Camden). The Region's call for nominations and volunteers was answered by Gita Maruthanaya and Amy Longo, who wished to be Co-opted rather than not stand for Election. Gita and Amy were Co-opted again for 2016-2017 by the new HCNW Committee at this AGM.


The Returning Officer called for any further nominations from the floor, or objections and there being none, each of the following was Elected in turn to form the HCNW Committee:

Honorary Chair:                Rashmi Patel

Honorary Vice-Chair:        Iain Clarke

Honorary Secretary:         Chris Jones

Honorary Treasurer:        Graham Hennessy

Honorary Vice-Treasurer: Xohan Duran

Committee:                       Athina Papakosta
                                         Olu Babalola
                                         Manny Stone
                                         Jack Wardale
                                         Sophie Parry
                                         Peter Little
                                         Kevin Barrett
                                         Gita Maruthanaya (C)
                                         Amy Longo (C)
HCNW Region therefore thanked Chris Jones and welcomed its new Chair Rashmi Patel:


And the Region welcomed new Vice-Chair, Iain Clarke (centre):


Each of the following candidates was elected in exactly the same way, with no other nominations or objections to HCNW Classic, the advisory committee:

HCNW Classic Members   Mike Smith
                                         Richard Seagrief
                                         Mike Goodwin
                                         Mehmet Ozturk

The AGM also expressed its appreciation to Robin Williams, who joined the platform, and was retiring from HCNW Classic at these Elections. Thank you Robin.


Minutes of the 21st HCNW AGM can be found Minutes-AGM-2016-v4  

Election statements detailing each candidate's proposals for the forthcoming year can be found, along with more images of the event, on CIBSE HCNW Twitter and the HCNW Updates page