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About Southern Region

Upcoming Technical Events

The CIBSE Southern Committee have recently put together a calendar filled with technical events which will run throughout 2017-18. You can check out the dates here;

Date Location Topic
17th Oct Brighton District Heating Energy
26th Oct Soton Emergency Lighting BS7671
9th Nov Brighton Modular Buildings
16th Nov Soton KNX Interface ‘Ivory Egg’
23rd Jan Soton/Planetarium Neurological Lighting/AN Other 
15th Feb Soton/Planetarium Neurological Lighting/AN Other 
8th Feb Brighton Water Safety + Fountains
8th Mar Brighton TBC
15th Mar Soton Thermal & Lighting Modelling/Software – Myth or Reality? Discussion Session
12th Apr Chichester AGM

More information on each event and how to register can be found on the Southern events listing once they are posted, so please do keep an eye out.