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Question: What would you like to see happening within the West Midlands region?
More CPD seminars - perhaps in a different location or locations?
Social event - Golf
Social event - Archery
Social event - Go Karting
Social event - Clay Pigeon
Social event - Walking
Factory visit
Site visit
Other - please specify
Please email and let us know 

12 Jan - Numerous presentations/videos/content updated to site.  YEN section updated too.

27 Nov - Video from Ant Wilson's seminar uploaded and available to view

18 Nov - Presentation from Matt Round of Cassian Compliance - Legionella control available to download

03 Nov - Presentations from Ashley Hemmings of Interserve - Data Vs Information and Richard Hayes of 42 Partners - Lighting Maintenance Factors available to download

06 Oct - Presentation from Jason Swingewood of Morris Vermaport lifts on Evacuation Lifts - BS9999 & DD CEN 81-76 CPD seminar available for download

18 Sep - Wednesdays CPD seminar will now be on "Natural Ventilation in Schools and Commercial Buildings" provided by Stuart Rimell, Passivent Ltd

17 Sep - Presentation from Ant Wilson, AECOM, CPD seminar uploaded

03 May - Cascading & Discrimitation presentation uploaded

24 Apr - WELL Buildings presentation uploaded

6 Apr - Trox Variable Air Control and JCB Broadcrown Generators video uploaded

28 Mar - Events page update with provisional dates for 2017/18

23 Mar - Events and Past Presentations pages updated

10 Mar - Past presentations page updated

26 Feb - AGM notice uploaded - Download it here

20 Feb - Past presentations page updated

14 Oct - Lift Standards presentation uploaded

30 Sep - Panasonic Gas VRF CPD seminar uploaded

26 Aug - Calendar of events 2016-17 published Click here to download

15 Jun - Annual dinner booking form uploaded - Click here to download

14 Jun - Solihull College Professional Construction Awards info added

18 May - Regional demographic information added

13 May - Video from Cyber Security for Intelligent BMS Systems seminar avalable to watch

11 May - Cyber Secuirty for Intelligent BMS Systems presentation available to download.  Click here to visit page

09 May - Past presentations page updated

28 April - UNESCO year of Light presentation available to download.  Click here to visit page

26 April - Videos from BIM in Action & UNESCO Year of Light seminars available to watch

25 April - Committee structure revised for 2016/17 & events page updated

24 April - Provisional calendar of events for 2016-17 published

18 April - Seminar subject updated - Rethinking the Factory - Lessons learnt

13 April - Regional annual dinner sponsorship packages announced.  Click here to download

06 April - Metering and Monitoring seminar presentation uploaded.  Click here to visit/download

29 March - Early April CPD seminar subject altered

24 March - BIM in Action presentations uploaded.  Click here to view

15 March 2016 - Building Regs - Part L and LENI presentation & video uploaded

08 March 2016 - Design Optimisation seminar video uploaded to YouTube

02 March 2016 - AGM Notice