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Draft TM31: Building log book toolkit

CIBSE is preparing an update to the document TM31: Building log book toolkit for publication in 2016. Feedback was sought between 3 June and 8 July 2016 to ensure that the document meets the need of the industry and improves building performance.

Background on TM31

TM31 is an important document for the industry that supports the drive for efficient operation of buildings.

The aim of the building log book is to be the one document that can support an operators’ desire to run building efficiently.

Log books are designed to help those with responsibility for managing buildings by improving their understanding of operation which results in a more sustainable building, with lower running costs.

Building log book is used as a key reference point for information and summaries performance data during the operational phase of a building.

Information is captured that describes how the new, existing or refurbished building is intended to work and be serviced.

The log book template provided is to support development of useful information in a generic format that the industry can recognize.

Supporting papers

To download the draft documents that supported this consultation, please follow the links below.

Two completed log books have been supplied to show the intended use of TM31. Please note that these are for illustration only, and that there have been updates to the draft template above since these case studies were prepared: