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CIBSE new publication: TM51 - Ground source heat pumps

CIBSE is pleased to announce its new publication TM51: Ground source heat pumps is now available from the online CIBSE Knowledge Portal. Ground source heat pumps are recognized as an energy efficient technology and supporting the Government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

With buildings using almost 50% of the UK's energy and 20% of that energy being needlessly wasted it is important to reduce energy demand and emissions. Ground source heat pumps help harness heat from the ground to use in buildings. They are a cost effective off-gas grid alternative to oil, solid fuel or electric radiators.

For each unit of electricity used a ground source heat pump can produce around four units of heat. This gives the systems an energy efficiency level of 400% compared with a conventional boiler system with a level of 80-95%.

This guide offers an understanding of the technology used, comparisons of different heat pump systems and clarity on Building Regulations surrounding the use of pumps. An essential read for those interested or involved in the installation of heat pumps, this comprehensive guide offers valuable insight into this alternative heat source.

CIBSE is passionate about increasing energy efficiency by improving building performance and by sharing engineering knowledge. CIBSE publications offer best practice guidelines, set authoritative standards and are internationally recognised.

To order a copy visit - members can download electronic copies for free or order printed copies at a substantial discount.