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Seeking knowledgeable academics and practitioners to join BSER&T journal, editorial board

Building Services Engineering Research & Technology (BSER&T) is a CIBSE peer reviewed journal, publishing research and technical discussion relevant to the science and engineering of the built environment. It is published by Sage on behalf of CIBSE.

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The overall engineering and scientific policy, and direction of the journal is the responsibility of the Editorial Board. The current chair of the board, Professor Simon Rees of Leeds University, will be stepping down from the role in Summer 2021.  The chair works closely with the Managing Editor and is responsible for leadership of the board ensuring the proper progress of monitoring and planning activities.

CIBSE is keen to encourage suitably experienced and qualified academics, researchers, and practitioners to consider joining the editorial board with the opportunity of progressing to the role of chair.  Please email if you would like to be considered.

All board members must be willing to devote time and effort to the role. This would typically entail 4 half day meetings followed by lunch/dinner; up to 3 hours preparation for each meeting; reviewing up to 3 papers per year; taking the role of editor of a special interest issue (assisted by the Managing Editor) once every 4 years; promoting the journal to colleagues and peers; and assisting in occasional promotional activities (for example, when attending conferences and meetings).

A term on the editorial board would normally last no longer than 5 years but may be longer if a member is appointed to chair the board. Prospective editorial board members must be committed to impartiality, fairness, confidentiality, equal opportunities, and inclusive practices.

The chair must be fair and collegiate in problem solving and management.

The editorial board meets physically (normally in London, UK), or virtually up to 4 times per year. If board members are unable to travel, the meetings will normally be accessible online. A typical board meeting might include the following items :-

  • Scrutinise and review the Managing Editor’s report

  • Scrutinise and review the Publisher’s report

  • Recommend reviewers for specific papers or topics

  • Advise on journal policy and scope

  • Identify topics and editors for special issues

  • Evolve new ways to attract new authors and submissions

  • Evaluate and improve the processes for authors and reviewers

  • Review and develop ideas to promote BSER&T

  • Discuss balance and function of the editorial board

  • Assist in issues such as plagiarism and contrary reviews

(Where fiscally appropriate, and when requested and agreed in advance, members of the editorial board can be recompensed for the cost of advance booked, 2nd class travel within the UK to and from the meetings).

The day-to-day publications activity is undertaken by Sage and overseen by a manager in the Engineering Publications team. The Managing Editor receives enquiries and potential submissions from authors, assessing suitability for publication in BSER&T in liaison with the Editorial Board, identifying peer reviewers, managing the peer review process, subsequent revisions, and final submission.

In recent years the journal has gained popularity, attracts more submissions, and has a rising impact factor, all of which has increased the time commitment of the chair.