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CIBSE responds to Budget 2013

CIBSE welcomed the announcement in today's Spring Budget that the Government will be giving a detailed response to last year's Consultation on changes to Part L of the Building Regulations, which covers energy efficiency, by May 2013.

In December 2012, CIBSE raised concerns over delays in changes to Part L of Building Regulations in England. Given the Consultation on changes was launched in January 2012, CIBSE still feels the uncertainty over 2013 changes to Part L is holding back activity and causing additional costs in the sector. 

This of course has a potential cost both in terms of energy saving opportunities and to businesses committed to better building performance.

In an article published in the December issue of CIBSE's official magazine, CIBSE Journal, Technical Director, Hywel Davies had outlined that a failure to sort out changes in relation to domestic buildings should not hold up much needed, cost beneficial changes to Part L for the non-domestic market.

CIBSE has also welcomed the news in today's Budget over more certainty for Zero Carbon Homes; a Government commitment to implementing ‘zero carbon homes' from 2016 and consultation on next steps, including on the means of delivering ‘allowable solutions'*. Meeting these target dates will be challenging, and it is essential that decisions are made and implemented in a timely fashion from now on. 

*Allowable Solutions are part of Government strategy for cost-effective delivery of mainstream zero carbon new homes from 2016. The aim of Allowable Solutions is to give developers an economical way of compensating for the CO2 emissions reductions that are difficult to achieve through normal design and construction.