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Fire safety: Risk prioritisation in existing buildings

This Call for Evidence sought views on fire risks and risk prioritisation in existing buildings and innovative ideas on how to categorise buildings based on a broader understanding of risk.

Objectives of the consultation

Recent fires have demonstrated that fire risks associated with external wall systems have not been sufficiently considered in buildings below 18 metres. In addition, there is a growing opinion that the height of a building alone is not sufficient to accurately reflect and characterise the complexity of existing buildings.

The Government has announced its intention to introduce a Fire Safety Bill which will put beyond doubt that the Fire Safety Order requires building owners and managers of multi-occupied residential premises of any height to fully consider and mitigate the risks of any external wall systems and front doors to individual flats.

To better understand risks in existing buildings the Government is going to start a wide-ranging research project to develop an evidence base on how to characterise and prioritise the risks within existing buildings and how best to prioritise action based on a broader understanding of risk.

This Call for Evidence sought views and innovative ideas on how to assess and prioritise risks and to better understand the complexity of building risk to ensure that an appropriate level of safety is achieved in existing buildings.

This call for evidence closed on 17 February 2020.

Supporting papers

To download the consultation document, follow the link below.

CIBSE response

CIBSE did not submit a response to this Call for Evidence as there were no significant comments from CIBSE Members.