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Past Presentations

Will AI Redesign the Lighting Profession? - held in association with Arup, based on their exhibition, Artificial Intelligence - Enabling Machines to Learn

Trotter Paterson Lecture 2017 - Lighting in Flux by Peter Boyce

CIBSE HCNE and DIALux technical presentation on "Designing and building lighting projects in a smart and digital way"

CIBSE HCNE and Trilux technical presentation “Overview of the Recent Updates to LG7 and LG6”

Friedrich W. Bremecker on DIALux evolighting design software

SLL & CIBSE West Midlands - Technical Seminar on the UNESCO International Year of Light - Liz Peck

SLL & South West Region - Emergency Lighting in the UAE - Richard Caple

SLL & CIBSE West Midlands Technical Seminar on LG8: Lighting for Museums and Galleries - by Paul Ruffles

200 Years of Fresnel: Why everything we light and look at today depends on what he said - Lecture by Peter Philipson

Emergency Lighting Practice in the UAE - 22nd July 2015 - Richard Caple MSLL

2014 Trotter Paterson Lecture - Vision Impossible with Professor Colin Blakemore

Energy by design: Lighting - CIBSE East Midlands Region - 3rd December 2013 - Liz Peck MSc FSLL

Light and Lighting - Lighting of workplaces: Part 1: Indoor work places

Masterclass Presentations:

2014 - 15 SLL Masterclass series, Light for Life:

Human Centric Lighting in Practice - Tune into your biological rhythms - Helen Loomes MSLL, Trilux

"Tune Up" your environment - Kevin Stubbs MSLL, Thorn

Connecting the World with Light - Darren Smith MSLL, Philips

Paradigm Shift in Lighting Control - Jas Clare MSLL, Helvar

Light and Public Health - John O'Hagan, Public Health England

2013 - 14 Masterclass series, Quality UP, Energy DOWN:

Energy Reduction through Intelligent Lighting Design - Duncan Abbott, WILA

L is for Lighting Control - Dan Wills MSLL, Helvar

New Enhances Capital Allowance Explained - Helen Loomes MSLL, Trilux

Energy Reduction by Retrofit - Kevin Stubbs MSLL, Thorn

The World of OLED Lighting - Matt Hanbury, Philips