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About the exam

Delegates will not be excluded if they haven’t undergone training with CIBSE, although are expected to have either taken training with another provider or have a sufficient knowledge in order to sit the exam.

About the Part L update Examination

A link to the on-line Part L exam will be sent to delegates once the booking process has been completed.
The exam is 'Open Book' - texts allowed are:

  • Approved Documents L2A and L2B: CLG guide

  • The course hand-outs (for those who have attended the CIBSE training)

Only hard copy texts are allowed; documents loaded onto laptops are not allowed in the exam. There are 20 multiple choice questions (worth one mark each) the pass mark is 70%. The time allowed is 40 minutes - you will be given a 'ten minute warning'. Standard examination rules apply - no conferring during the exam room.
Multiple choice questions only have one right answer - candidates should note that some questions offer options for 'all of the above' or 'none of the above' so the questions should be read carefully.
Questions will cover the Part L regulations including the 2013 updates. Some of the questions will require good engineering judgement.

You can go back to previous questions if you need to change an answer. The exam has a timer that will automatically log you out when time is up. The exam can be sat at a time that suits you however once you have started you cannot pause or restart the exam. 

Although the exam is 'open book' it is not designed to allow candidates to look up all the answers - material allowed should be regarded as reference. If candidates have not prepared thoroughly by completing the pre-reading and understanding the training course, you may find it hard to finish the exam. Please let us know in advance if you have any relevant special needs or requirements.

Notification of examination results

All candidates are notified of the result of the examination by either letter or email. Such notification will normally be sent within 2 weeks of the examination unless the result is the subject of a complaint.


Delegates are offered the opportunity of one re sit at no charge if they fail the exam.  The re sits are arranged with the training manager.  If the re sit is not successful we recommend the candidate takes some further training before trying again. If they would like to re sit a further time then there is a charge associated with this. There is no limit to the number of times a candidate can re sit.


You can ask CIBSE Training to make an enquiry into your examination results if you think

  • A mistake has been made working out the result
  • There are issues with the exam questions
  • Security has been breached

Appeals should be made in writing at least 2 weeks from the date the results are received and must be made in writing to CIBSE Training. The paper will be reassessed by a suitably qualified person and member of CIBSE Training who has not been involved in the original marking process. You will be informed in writing of the outcome of the appeal. Examination/ Security concerns may be submitted in writing to:
By Mail:
CIBSE Training
Training & Events
222 Balham High Road
London, SW12 9BS
By E-mail:
If you want to submit a concern anonymously, you may do so; however, please be sure to include as much information as you can about your situation because we will not be able to contact you for additional details.  For example, if describing an incident at a test center, please state the location and time of the event and as many specific details about the event as possible. 

Privacy Statement

Follow this link to CIBSE privacy policy: