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Ventilation Design

Course Structure  
Learning Outcomes

Course Fees
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Designed by a collaborative group of key building services consultancies and contractors, this CIBSE Online Learning module offers a practical, flexible and convenient alternative to face to face courses. This unit allows you to take a coordinated journey through an individual topic or a series of topics, finishing by testing your knowledge with interactive activity pages.

Ventilation Design Feedback

Course Structure

Ventilation in buildings is essential for a wide range of health and comfort issues, but how it is provided and by what means, underpins a good strategy at the design phase.

This module aims to take you through the main technologies available and by looking at how they function and how they compare with one another enable you to make an informed and justified selection in terms of type of ventilation system to meet the design parameters.

Make your way through this course at your own pace with the following:  

  • Ventilation Design Topics
  • Additional Resources
  • Two Activity Pages
  • CPD Certificate on completion

This course covers: 

  • Welcome
  • Introduction           
  • Design
  • Criteria
  • Strategy
  • Calculations 
  • Pre-treat
  • Acoustics 
  • ATD's
  • Maintain
  • Conclusion

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CIBSE online learning courses are suitable for those wishing to enhance and support their current knowledge base, as well as graduates within an engineering discipline. 
Each unit has been peer reviewed and tested through this group. The units allow students to take a coordinated journey through an individual topic or a series of topics. The units form the backbone of several corporate training schemes.


Learning Outcomes 

  • Identify the ventilation requirements for a building and produce a design rationale identifying the specific needs of the internal spaces and how these might influence the design ventilation rate.
  • Assess the influence of the building structure on internal conditions.
  • Compile relevant information on the internal spaces and the external environment that night influence the design ventilation rate.
  • Calculate the fresh-air requirement and ventilation rates in different units.
  • Justify a chosen ventilation strategy by comparison to alternatives.
  • Justify any energy recovery equipment included in the design and explain its operational strategy for conserving energy.
  • Appreciate relevant Statutory and Health and Safety Regulations and how they apply


Course Fees 

  • CIBSE Member Rate: £255 + VAT
  • Standard Rate: £300 + VAT

Corporate Offerings 

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