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Fostering and Maintaining Motivation

Managers are always trying to find ways to motivate or remotivate co-workers. Motivated co-workers generate value-added and take initiatives, which enable you to satisfy customer expectations.

But can we be sure that this is due to motivation? Sometimes, other factors are involved, e.g. satisfaction, commitment or solidarity.

To be able to foster and sustain motivation, managers must understand how it works, use the right drivers and take appropriate action.

This module will provide you with practical tools to keep co-workers motivated and an analysis method to identify individual motivational drivers.          

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Learning Outcomes

In this module, you will learn how to mobilise your team’s individual energy to boost collective performance.

You will be able to identify your co-workers' motivational drivers and take appropriate action to keep them motivated.

You will be able to delegate effectively and in a motivating way.

Who should do this module?

This module is suitable for any manager who wants to acquire the basics of management.


Course Fees

  • Membership Rate: £26
  • Standard Rate: £30 

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* PMI® accreditation: earn 0.5 points toward your PMP® or PgMP® certification for each part completed.