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Online Learning FAQ's

1.     Introduction to M&E Services (OL02)
2.     Heating Systems Design (OL05)
3.     Hot & Chilled Water Pipework Systems (OL03)
4.     Low Voltage Distribution (OL04)
5.     Ventilation Design (OL07)
6.     Lighting Design (OL06)
7.     Drainage (OL13)


How does the update of content affect me and the progress of my module/course?

If you are enrolled into any of the 7 modules listed above, and your current status is 'in progress' the content updates may affect you. If you do not complete the course by 28th August 2017, you will just need to tab through the updated version of this course to continue your learning. 

What can I do to avoid this?

By completing your e-learning before this date, your completion status will transfer over when the new module is uploaded. If you have not yet started the e-learning this will not affect you.

What if I do not have the time to complete my course before this date?

If you know you will not be able to complete your 'in progress' module, you can make a note of where you are, and when the new module is uploaded simply tab through to this point.


Will the remaining courses be updated or just these seven that are listed?

CIBSE aim to update the remaining courses later in 2017. We will keep all users notified of any plans to do so.

Will I get a reminder when each course is about to get updated?

Yes, CIBSE will email all users 1 week prior to the course content updates. This should remind users to complete the learning or make note of where they are currently at.