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Productivity & Time Management

Productivity and time management is an important skill to acquire, as its use translates into every part of your work.This online training programme has been created to help you strengthen these skills. 

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This programme consists of the following modules:

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Managing your time strategically

While rigorous, planned approaches to time management continue to appeal to the more rational-minded among us, they fail to live up to the demands of the complex world of the modern businesses.

This module provides you with practical tools and tips to help you regain control of your time and use it strategically to serve your priorities and longer term ambitions.    

Focusing on your priorities

It is important that you know how to choose, from the various activities you have to complete, the ones that have to be done straightaway, those that you can put off until later and the ones you can delegate or even drop altogether. This means you have to be able to set priorities.

In this module, you will find a number of tools and strategies that can help you plan your activities by focusing on your priorities, providing you with practical tips to help you avoid the classic time management traps.         


The 12 guidelines of effective time management

To save time, it is important to be able to plan your activities. In this module, you will learn to use several tools and techniques for saving time.

Through practical tips and concrete examples, you will learn to identify practical solutions to adapt the time management principles to your personal environment.    

Increasing your productivity in a fast paced world

In a world where everything is instant and immediate results are top of the agenda, it is nevertheless dangerous to try to save time by failing to learn from experience, or not having sufficient time to adopt new ideas and methods or engaging cooperation.

In this module, you will look beyond traditional time management methods and explore the mind-set you need to adopt to address time issues.

Fostering and maintaining motivation

Managers are always trying to find ways to motivate or remotivate co-workers. Motivated co-workers generate value-added and take initiatives, which enable you to satisfy customer expectations. But can we be sure that this is due to motivation? Sometimes, other factors are involved, e.g. satisfaction, commitment or solidarity.

To be able to foster and sustain motivation, managers must understand how it works, use the right drivers and take appropriate action.

This module will provide you with practical tools to keep co-workers motivated and an analysis method to identify individual motivational drivers.