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Practical Controls for HVAC Systems

Key areas  
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Key Areas 

  • Concentrating on achieving the deliverable rather than explaining control theory
  • What are we trying to achieve?
  • How do we control different systems - How do we make them do what we want ?
  • What equipment is used and how does it work?

Course Content

Session 1: Heating & Hot Water Systems

  • Boilers. Single v Modular. Step control. Primary circuit control.
  • Constant temperature and compensated temperature control.
  • Pressureless headers, TRVs 2 & 3 way valves (on/off, mixing v diverting).
  • Provision of thermostatic control. Building Regulations requirements.
  • Time, temp and interlock with boiler pump. Desirable temperatures.
  • Pumped secondary, monitoring of stored water temperatures to minimise risk of legionella.

Session 2: Mechanical Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems

  • How different systems work, e.g. dew point stat, reset for minimum zone requirement, local reheat VAV fan speed control. Ch W controls.
  • Return temperature sensing.
  • Compressor, Condenser and Evaporator controls.
  • Compressor capacity controls.
  • Heat pumps - reverse cycle.

Session 3: Cooling & Refrigeration Systems

  • Chilled water control for different systems.
  • Dew point control. Chiller temperature and capacity control.
  • Heat recovery. Control of different compressors.
  • Air and water-cooled condensors. Storage systems. Thermosyphons.

Session 4: Sensors and BEMS 

  • A review of the control hardware used.
  • Appropriate control: Review of Building and Energy Management Systems - their advantages and disadvantages

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the principles of control operation
  • Practical insight to control components that are used
  • Understanding how different systems are required to work to meet performance requirements
  • Selection of control valves
  • Developing a critical approach to control system specification, especially BEMS.

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for all engineers involved in the design, operation and  maintenance of HVAC systems.

Course Timings 

Registration and coffee will be at 09.30
Course will start at 10.00 and finish at 17.00


Members Rate: £336 (£280 ex VAT)

Standard Rate: £372 (£310 ex VAT)

Upcoming courses

22nd June 2018 | London - Practical Controls for HVAC Systems - A1623

5th October 2018 | London - Practical Controls for HVAC Systems - A1654

23rd November 2018 | London - Practical Controls for HVAC Systems - A1670  

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