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How we can help you

If you are a CIBSE member, a former member of CIBSE, IHVE or IES, or the dependant of such a member and through changed circumstances you are in need of help - financial or otherwise - then contact the Benevolent Fund in confidence.

Health and employment issues can occur at any stage in life.  The Fund is open to applications from all who qualify for its support (although this is normally subject to a prior 3 year membership of any of the above organisations).  The Fund supports those who need assistance through transitional or short-term circumstances, as well as others who require more on-going support.

The Fund seeks to serve as an additional ‘family' facilitating two-way contact with a support network which is complimentary with any state provision.

If you are not directly in need of the Fund's assistance but know someone who might then please encourage them to make contact with us.

We are here to help.

You can contact the CIBSE Benevolent Fund in a number of ways.

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