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Nominations for Officers, Board Members and Council Members

New Institution Officers, Board Members and Council Members take office from the AGM in May each year.  Revised rules for the nominations process were approved at an EGM in May 2018 and these rules will be followed (subject to Privy Council approval) for the election and appointment of Officers and Board Members to serve from May 2019.  Similar arrangements will operate for the election of Council Members. 
The Board is the Institution’s governing body.  It is made up of the seven Officers (President, President-Elect, three Vice-Presidents, Honorary Treasurer and Immediate Past President) and five elected members.  Under the new arrangements, the Vice Presidents and Honorary Treasurer will be appointed by the Board, but the President-Elect and Board Member positions may be subject to election if there are more candidates than vacancies.
The Council of the Institution is a much larger consultative body which exists to advise the Board on Institution policy.  It is composed mainly of representatives of the Regions, Societies, Groups and Standing Committees, but also has a number of places for elected members.
The Nominations Panel has the task of considering candidates for all vacancies.  It will then make recommendations to the Board and the Board will consider the Panel’s advice before deciding which candidates to nominate for President Elect and Board Member vacancies.  Any candidates considered by Nominations Panel but not nominated by the Board may also choose to go forward for election, subject to obtaining the support of ten Corporate members, in which case a ballot will be held.  The Board may also nominate candidates for membership of Council having considered the advice of the Panel.
The Nominations Panel will also make recommendations to the Board for the Offices of Vice-President and Honorary Treasurer, and the Board will appoint candidates to fill these vacancies having considered the Panel’s advice.

In order to have the widest possible range of candidates for consideration, the Nominations Panel invites CIBSE members to make suggestions of potential candidates for consideration for all Officer, Board Member and Council Member roles.

Members may put themselves forward for consideration, or suggest colleagues who are willing to be considered and who meet the eligibility requirements set out here.

All potential candidates should complete the nominations application form which will inform the Panel’s discussions.

In order to meet the timescales required, all suggestions must be received at CIBSE offices by Monday 2nd July 2018.