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How to get involved?

Follow Us
Follow the #WeAreCIBSE hashtag on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to find out what’s happening across the sector and connect with other members.

Share your successes
Use #WeAreCIBSE in your social media posts to celebrate your projects, achievements or good news stories. 

Feature on our blog
As part of the campaign, we have a blog series which aims to tell member’s success stories and inspire others to get further involved with CIBSE’s networks.

Be an influencer
Volunteer to takeover the CIBSE Instagram story for a day to help promote building services engineering as a career and show the world what a typical day in your job role looks like.

Please contact Lucy Aldcroft (Membership Marketing & Engagement Manager) [email protected] to discuss an Instagram takeover or blog feature.

We asked you..

What is the best thing about working in the building services industry? 

"That the result of your work & labour is that people are comfortable in the homes, workplaces, schools, etc that you've worked on. You can build a structure with steel or concrete but it's uninhabitable until you put the heart in it.. and the heart is building services" – Nabila Sharieff, Mechnical Engineer

"That it’s a collaborative, creative and multi-faceted endeavour. I love the variety, the challenge and the satisfaction of seeing our designs built". – Atif Rashid, WSP

"Positively impacting on the health and wellbeing of people who on average spend 80% of their lives in internal environments that we as building services engineers create!" – Gemma Taylor, Building & Physics Services Engineer, SDS

Describe being a building services engineer in less than 10 words

"Digital Engineering makes intelligent buildings, equals smart construction" - Chloe Green, Principal BIM Manager

"Making a difference everyone notices but doesn't realise they have" – Andrew Krebs, Information Management Lead, Hoare Lea

"Exciting, inspiring and challenging professional career bringing life to buildings" – Steven Peet, RSD, Frese

"Engineering our built environments for people, places and planet" – Charlotte Mercer, Principal Enginer, Cundall

How do building services help to improve 'health and wellbeing' across the world?

Building services are the unseen, unknown items that have the biggest impact on a buildings health" - Nathan Wood, Health & Wellbeing for Buildings Chair, BESA Group

Other ways to get involved with the CIBSE community

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