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Meet the Engineers: Karen Settle

Karen Settle

Senior Building Services Engineer (Mechanical)
Pick Everard

Why did you choose Building services engineering?
I was very young when I realised I was destined to be an engineer. Even when I was very little I was curious about what my Dad did ...and I loved making (as well as breaking!) things. Later at school I found out I had a passion for maths and physics, so I was determined to become an engineer.
What were your favourite subjects at school?
Maths, especially applied maths was definitely my favourite subject at school along with physics and later on design technology. 
What was your route into Building services?
My route into the industry was through doing a full time BEng hons degree at The University of Hertfordshire. It was very helpful to be able to do some part time work in the vacations with a local engineering consultancy which gave me the chance to put theory into practice and gave a feel for how creative engineering is and what the work is really like.
What do you enjoy most about your current job?
Its difficult to say what I enjoy most about my job. There is so much variety no day is the same, whether it be problem solving at my desk, or out on site. I like a bit of a challenge and I don't give up easily. Also my colleagues are friendly and supportive and by working together we can usually come up with a great workable solution when a problem presents itself.

What are your future plans and aspirations?
I am currently working towards becoming a Chartered Engineer, which means I'll get the all-important CEng MCIBSE letters after my name. Looking to the future I would like to think that my role is to make a difference and inspire others to also make a difference. 
Why do you think it is important to belong to CIBSE?
By working closely with CIBSE as part of the Young Engineers Network and also as a Graduate Member I have had the opportunity to meet like-minded people and help shape and influence the future of building services engineering.