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Meet the Engineers: Mohamad Kiani

Mohamad Kiani

Why did you choose Building services engineering?
Enables me to actively participate in calculating building energy consumption and optimizing building operational period.
What were your favourite subjects at school?
What was your route into Building services?
I gained my MSc and BSc in Civil Engineering in Iran, where I learnt the basic theories and knowledge of Building Services, Heat and Mass Transfer and Fluid Dynamic. In 2002, taking into consideration the market need and growing importance of sustainability and building energy optimization, I moved to England to undertake a PhD research study at University of Brighton in Life Cycle Energy Consumption within Fully Glazed Commercial Buildings. I worked for the School of Environment as Assistant Lecturer on Building Energy Consumption Assessment. Then in October 2007, I joined John Packer Associates specialist in Sustainability Design and Building Services Engineering where my role as Sustainability Consultant includes analysis of building energy consumption, consulting on low zero carbon design and renewable technologies using dynamic thermal modeling IES Virtual Environment.
What do you enjoy most about what your current job or studies?
I like it because it is very dynamic and requires updating myself on a daily basis. i.e. I feel and must stay active and alert almost every day and hour.
What are your future plans and aspirations?
To become one of the top decision makers in my field of sustainability consultancy as well as directing a 4 digit-number of employees.
Why do you think it is important to belong to CIBSE?
I believe CIBSE in one of best institutions actively promoting engineering solutions, providing necessary guides, providing building services related courses and updates, and assisting in developing legislations. I know CIBSE since 2002 when I started my PhD programme at University of Brighton. Since then I have attended different seminars and courses in CIBSE HQ and read their publications and online published information. Therefore being a member of such well established and well developed institution in Building Services demonstrates my professionalism and provide me a career profile necessary to develop my expertise.