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CIBSE is currently upgrading its IT systems to improve core customer functions and increase efficiency and effectiveness. This will mean some website services will be offline until Monday 25 July. Help

Emerging from Lockdown

Emerging from lockdown is a series of four documents available as free downloads below.  These currently cover:

This evolving guidance is open to everyone so we can assist as many people as possible at this time. 

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Ventilation Guidance

The advice in this document is for building owners/managers and operators when reopening buildings following a period of inactivity and considering the requirements for the ventilation system. 
Download now (Version 4, published 23 October 2020)

See also the CIBSE publications below referenced by SAGE.

Guidance on Safely re-occupying buildings

As businesses start to consider bringing staff back into work premises, a number of issues need to be considered for the safety of everyone entering the building. Government guidelines should be followed.

This brief document is intended to give business owners, managers and employers an outline of the main areas that need to be considered concerning both safe working practices and the assessment of building services. It includes links to a new Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website on minimising the risk of legionella.

Download now (Version 3, published 19 May 2020)

Lifts Guidance

Recommissioning of lifts and escalators post lockdown

Many lifts and escalators will have been switched off for lockdown. Whilst most will go back into service without any glitches there are some precautionary steps that should be taken before returning them to regular service. 
Download now (Version 2, published 12 May 2020)

Lift Use and Occupancy

Occupancy and use of lifts

This document provides guidance on reducing the risk of using lifts in the current circumstances. It is primarily intended for application in offices, but may be applied to other buildings subject to an appropriate risk assessment.
Download Now (Version 2, published 29 June 2020)

We appreciate that this is a challenging time where adjustments are likely to be made, and we will continue to support you as best we can. Additional or updated information from CIBSE or the Engineering Council may be issued in due course.