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Operational Intelligence Ltd

Operational Intelligence Ltd
Risk & Energy Development programme - award-winning, on-site risk and energy workshops to deepen participant understanding of the technical issues at their own facility. This includes analysing air management in the data hall – an important enabler for energy savings. Each programme is highly interactive and bespoke to the facility, students and client objectives, and culminates in a presentation to management by participants of their findings and recommendations. Our risk & energy optimisation programme has enabled an average energy reduction of 12% with an ROI of 8 months. An Introduction to Data Centre Risk - online course providing a brief introduction to the key data centre risk issues which is designed to be accessible to students with no prior knowledge of the subject. It comprises a total of 5 lessons followed by a short test. Bespoke Data Centre Cooling Fundamentals - This is a site-specific course, tailored (in length and content) to the facility and needs of the client. The aim of the course is to increase participant awareness of facility cooling systems and opportunities for optimisation and includes energy efficiency best practice. The workshops are collaborative, focusing on the application of theory to the client’s data centre(s).
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Data Centre
Online and Video Learning;On Site at Provider’s Location
Fees may be applicable
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