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ILEVE is dedicated to improving workplace air quality and reducing the number of respiratory diseases, lung problems and deaths caused by airborne contamination and hazardous substances in the working environment.

The Institute exists to recognise competence in the practical application of local exhaust ventilation. 

Become an ILEVE Partner today to:

  • Show commitment to raising standards within the LEV sector.
  • Demonstrate that your company meets industry requirements.
  • Increase the training and skills of employees.
  • Be better connected and involved with your professional institution.

Membership subscriptions fees are based on the LEV turnover of the company starting from £350 +VAT

As an ILEVE Partner you will be required to:

  • Work to a common minimum standard as set out in:
    • HSG258 "Controlling Airborne Contaminants at Work”,
    • TR40 “A Guide to Good Practice for Local Exhaust Ventilation”
    • ILEVE TC series of documents, guidance & best practice.
  • Hold a suitable level of insurance specific to LEV specialisms undertaken.
  • All in-scope employees or contractors to hold ILEVE corporate membership and trainees to have an ILEVE Affiliate membership.
  • Offer a mentoring scheme and guidance to employees via evidence-based training.
  • Actively encourage staff to attend CIBSE and ILEVE CPD events.
  • Nominate one ILEVE member from your company to be the point of contact and to take responsibility for the company’s commitment to the requirements and philosophy of ILEVE.
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