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How to Join ILEVE

Membership of ILEVE is open to all with an interest in Local Exhaust ventilation.  Which membership grade is for you?

You can join ILEVE today to give you immediate access to all ILEVE knowledge and publications as well as entitle you to membership rates for events. ILEVE Affiliate membership includes CIBSE Affiliate membership.

  • If you already have a CIBSE membership and wish to become an ILEVE Affiliate grade only, please email [email protected]

Member and Fellow
For professionals with LEV competence who wish to be listed on the ILEVE website, hold a competency card and receive postnominals.  To apply for these grades of membership you will need to complete an ILEVE Corporate Grade Membership form and submit with relevant supporting documents to [email protected] for peer review and grading. 

Once your grade is confirmed, your membership will include CIBSE affiliate membership, if you do not already have this. The cost of CIBSE Affiliate membership is £153.00.

Subscription fees


Annual fee

Students (all) Free
Affiliate £10.00
Licentiate £10.00
Associate £10.00
Member £20.00
Fellow £30.00


Membership Grading Criteria

There are five subject modules displayed on the membership cards as accredited fields of expertise:

  • Principles of Occupational Hygiene
  • System Design
  • Installation Management
  • Commissioning
  • Thorough Examination and Test

The grading process awards points in all five subject modules for proven experience, relevant qualifications and completion of approved training courses. The pass mark for each module is 75 points. It is not possible to achieve the pass mark by experience alone.

Membership grades are awarded based on LEV industry experience plus the points accredited in the grading process, as follows:

Licentiate Member - LILEVE
2-years LEV industry experience plus a pass in at least one subject.

Associate Member - AILEVE
4 years LEV industry experience plus passes in three subjects OR passes in two subjects with at least 60 marks each in two other subjects.

Member - MILEVE
5 years LEV industry experience plus passes in 5 subjects OR four subjects with at least 60 marks in the remaining subject OR passes in three subjects with at least 60 marks each in the two remaining subjects.

Fellow - FILEVE
Have been a MILEVE for at least 10 years and held a responsible position in Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineering for not less than 10 years. Have made a significant contribution to Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineering; this may include a contribution to the work of a professional body.  Show evidence of a commitment to continuing professional development.

Note - Only subject modules where the pass mark has been achieved will be shown on the membership card as proof of competence in the accredited fields of expertise.

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