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Why Join ILEVE?

10 reasons why you should consider ILEVE membership

  1. Professional Certification - The ILEVE membership designation FILEVE, MILEVE, AILEVE etc. would give me a credential giving others evidence of my demonstrated knowledge and skills.
  2. Professional Confidence and Competence - I am working with an increasingly diverse set of sectors, substances and legislative requirements and membership would give me access to training, information and guidance.
  3. Networking with other industry professionals - As a Member I would be able to interact with other LEV professionals via an international & regional structure, conferences and training etc. Sharing, learning and expertise.
  4. Up to date Information - The Institute would provide me with details and best practice advice on legislative changes from a centralised resource for all matters relating to local exhaust ventilation via e-mail, news letters and the monthly CIBSE journal.
  5. Distinguish Yourself Professionally - LEV Engineering has been recognised as a profession that can strongly influence the health of the working population. Participation in ILEVE programs will help to reduce the levels of industrial ill health and premature death by working to an approved Code of Conduct, adopted standards and the ongoing education of the wider community.
  6. Members can strengthen their leadership skills by mentoring colleagues, serving on committees, participating in the many proposed activities and projects, becoming a certification assessor and contributing to ILEVE publications.
  7. ILEVE Guide - It is the intention of the Institute along with CIBSE and others, to produce and maintain the definitive guide to Local Exhaust Ventilation. This is will be the working standard for the industry and I would be able to contribute to this work.
  8. Skills Development & CPD - I would have a variety of opportunities to develop and sharpen my skills through training courses, master classes, seminars and conferences. My development would be monitored, encouraged and developed.
  9. Engineering Council - I would automatically be an affiliate member of CIBSE and have access to the resources that 20,000 members have developed over many years, ultimately including internationally recognised Engineering council qualifications CEng, IEng, EngTech etc.
  10. Influence the Future of the LEV Profession - I would have a voice in government and legislative bodies via the Institute.
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